93′ Til Announces New Lunch Menu

Named after the Souls of Mischief song, 93′ Til is a cozy restaurant and bar nestled in the heart of the Montrose neighborhood. The laid back restaurant opened in December 2020 and has recently been awarded a Top 100 restaurant by the Houston Chronicle

93′ Til invites patrons to share a relaxing drink and a filling meal as they sit back and listen to their impressive vinyl record collection. On top of the delicate, homestyle bites and cocktails they curate, they also have an extensive wine list. They are also excited to share their brand new lunch hour and menu with us, so let’s take a look!

93′ Til’s New Lunch Menu + Hours

Lunch Hours: 11 AM – 2 PM

Arugula Salad

Ricotta Cheese, Sunflower seeds, Grapefruit, Radishes. 


Double Patty, Double Cheese, Worcestershire mayo, Sherry onions, House pickles. 

Chicken Sandwich

Buttermilk brined, Honey mustard, House pickles, Cabbage, Kale slaw.


House-made bacon, Butter lettuce, Marinated tomato, Calabrian chili, Dill mayo.

Hot Mortadella

House-made mortadella, American cheese, Pickles, Dijon, Mayo.

Turkey Sandwich

House bacon, Aged sharp cheddar, Deli sliced turkey, House pickles, Red onions, Butter lettuce, Tomatoes.


Their launch menu is curated to satisfy every patron stopping by for lunch, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something more satiating. We were lucky enough to try a few things, so lets start with the starter!

Torchon PB&J

Described to us as a deconstructed PB&J, this starter dish consists of a a handful of perfectly-toasted pieces of Broiche Pan De Mie, a rich and creamy pecan butter spread, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and a delicate dollops of a mixed berry spread. 

This was the perfect starter dish and it perfectly encapsulates what chef and founder Lung Ly strives for in his dishes: homestyle food but refined. As I mentioned, the bread was toasted perfectly; a crunchy exterior and soft interior, it paired perfectly with the creamy pecan butter spread. The texture of the foie gras was also perfect and the mixed berry spread just brought everything together. It was the perfect starter dish, but also perfect for anyone looking for a quick, delicious bite!

The B.L.T.

An elevated take on the American classic, 93′ Til’s B.L.T. has everything you look for in the household sandwich. It’s made with house-made bacon, thanks to Chef Ly’s time working at a butcher shop, butter lettuce, marinated tomato, Calabrian Chili, and dill mayo. 

93′ Til’s B.L.T. is everything a B.L.T. should be. The house-made bacon slices were thick and cooked to perfection, the butter lettuce offered a refreshing crisp, and the tomato was marinated meticulously and helped cut through the saltiness of the bacon. Definitely would try this out if you’re looking for something a bit more dense on your lunch hour!

The Burger

Probably our favorite from what we were able to try was the burger; a classic menu item somehow elevated and perfected. A double patty with double cheese, Worcestershire mayo, sherry onions, and house pickles. It seems so simple but the carefully curated ingredients take this dish to a new level. 

The patties were smash-style, juicy and rich in flavor. The cheese was melted carefully on each patty and the Worcestershire mayo was a pleasant surprise. Also, we cannot sing the house pickles’ and butter lettuce’s praises enough in this review; they are subtle but important pieces wherever they’re featured! 

Though 93′ Til has only been around since December 2020, they carry themselves with an air of confidence that sets them apart from other  popular establishments in Houston. We were thoroughly pleased from what we were able to try during our time there, and, though we touched on it briefly in the intro, the aesthetic of the restaurant is very laid-back and comforting with an unbeatable music selection. We recommend you check out the rest of their lunch menu yourselves! 

1601 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006

(281) 846-6405

Instagram: @_ninetythreetil 

Hours of Operation:


Tuesday-Friday: 11 AM – 2 PM


Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 4 PM – 10 PM

Friday & Saturday: 4 PM – 12 AM

Sunday: 4 PM – 10 PM


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