A Sneak Peak at Austin’s New Holey Moley Golf Club

We had the opportunity to take a first look at Austin’s brand new Holey Moley Golf Club, an entertainment venue offering pop-culture-inspired putt-putt rounds, food, drinks, and more. The entire venue is bright, vibrant, and brimming with fun. Everywhere you turn, there’s a photo opportunity. The ambience is casual which makes playing all the more enjoyable. So, here’s what we think so far:

Mini-Golf Courses

There are 27 holes, each unique and all inspired by iconic films and other pop culture. They’re undeniably cool, and definitely fun to look at. It was a blast to walk through the venue and look at the thought and care put into each hole – we liked “Ferris Bueller’s Wheel Off”, a hole involving a spinning (mini) Ferris wheel. They are a bit cramped, and it can be difficult to putt the ball with so little space. It’s still fun to try, but if the venue is busy, you may find yourself quite close to other players. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the holes we did try, and we appreciated the intricacy and craftiness of the others. 


Holey Moley’s drink menu is one of the places where they really shine. We had the pleasure of trying the Sugar Caddy, Rub A Dub In The Tub, and Pop Till You Drop. The Sugar Caddy is a sweet, fruity drink topped with candies to enjoy with each sip. The Rub A Dub In The Tub should not be taken lightly despite its quirky presentation – it’s made with a heavy hand and isn’t too sweet, but it’s tasty and goes down smooth nonetheless. The Pop Till You Drop is somewhere in between the two. It’s citrusy, fruity, and not overly sweet despite the rainbow unicorn vessel. All three drinks are pleasantly strong and crisp, but are not strikingly different from one another. If I were to go back, I’d try their Viejo Amigo, a cocktail made with tequila, chili liqueur, mango, lime and bitters. Their drink menu is extensive, and they serve most of the classics, so there’s something for everyone.


We did not try Holey Moley’s food menu, so we cannot speak to the dishes they serve, but the drinks and mini-golf are quite fun. If you enjoy taking photos, this will be a good spot for you – this is absolutely an insta-friendly venue. The drinks are well-priced for a good cocktail in the area, but the golf is a little pricey. This could definitely make for a great date night or group night out, as there’s a ton of seating and a really wonderful outdoor patio. It’s worth checking out to see the artfulness of the space, and maybe enjoy a drink while you’re at it.