DeSano Pizza Restaurant In Austin – Detailed Review

DeSano Pizzeria brings a slice of Italy to Austin. They are located on Burnet road, and their smaller location is on Lavaca St in downtown Austin. DeSano has been open for three years now, serving Napoletano style pizza, with a thin crust made in wood-fire ovens that stay lit all week, twenty four hours a day. Their Burnet restaurant is cafeteria style with italian motorcycles between the tables, their huge ovens in clear view behind the counter, and the whole place gives a very inviting feel. 

Everything on their menu is made from ingredients imported directly from Italy with the exception of their butter which is imported from France. The dough is made fresh every morning and they use flour that has a very low percentage of gluten. If you are someone who tries to avoid gluten, you will love this bread!

DeSano Pizza Menu

Their menu offers only the style of pizzas you would find deep in Italy. There are no pepperoni pizzas, the cheese on the pizza is mozzarella and it is spread sparsely on the crust in a traditional Margherita pizza style. Once you try one you will not miss the side of ranch, or the excess amounts of cheese from an American pizza. 

desano pizza starter caprese salad from their menu

I recommend you order a caprese salad as a starter. They come with the juiciest tomatoes I’ve ever seen, a slice of mozzarella over each one and a palm-sized basil leaf underneath. To complete the bite, sprinkle some salt over the whole thing which will be served on the side and enjoy. 

desano pizza menu dish

Out of their pizzas, the margarita is a classic, but my personal favorites were the San Frances pizza and the San Gennaro. Their San Frances pizza is topped with mozzarella, pancetta (a pork meat similar to prosciutto) and picante peppers for a tangy taste. The crust is the best part, it is stuffed with ricotta cheese, and the combination of dough fresh out of the oven and their creamy ricotta melts in your mouth. The pizza doesn’t come with marinara sauce on it, it is served on the side as a perfect dipping sauce for the pizza and the crust. Last but not least, you cannot forget to sprinkle the whole thing with pecorino, similar to parmesan cheese but with a saltier finish. 

The San Gennaro pizza is topped with tomato sauce, sausage, peppadews, garlic, carmelized onions(my mouth is watering), mozzarella, and pecorino romano. I recommend you ask for the garlic butter to dip the crust into at the end. If you dare, you can also dip the pizza itself in the butter, and if you close your eyes you might see fireworks. 

desano pizza dessert dish from their menu

If you have even the slightest appetite left after eating your mean, I recommend ordering the decomposed cannoli. It is a dessert pizza, with nutella spread across the top, crushed cannoli sprinkled over that and the crust is stuffed with ricotta and chocolate.

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