Foxy’s Proper Pub In Austin, Texas

Foxy’s Proper Pub opens Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day — It’s difficult to grasp that downtown Austin has been missing an Irish pub. Foxy’s has been on my radar to visit despite the recent opening. Mostly to see how they would fulfill the expectations of executing a popular concept but making it unique to the downtown scene.

I had my pre-conceived notion of what to expect from a “typical” Irish pub. As soon as I walked in, the gasps heard from my friend and I showed that those assumptions were proven wrong. It was one of the best pubs in Austin tx.

The Backstory

Aesthetics is key to my first impressions and Foxy’s did not leave me underwhelmed. Immediately, you see the bar and its backdrop, which I later learned was inspired by the library in Trinity College. I later met with Benjamin, the manager of Foxy’s, who shared the story of Foxy’s concept and how it came to vision.

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Foxy’s is owned by next-door neighbor Cedar Door. Benjamin humbly shared how he pitched the idea of turning the space into an Irish pub. As he gave me a tour, he mentioned how it was formerly an Italian restaurant. But as your eyes indulge in every detail, traces of its past are left behind. 
The statement piece that will be soon associated with Foxy’s is a colossal Jameson chandelier. Built by the father of Cedar Door’s manager, Brittany, this piece of art hangs over a lounge area adjacent to the bar. The simplicity of the chandelier adds elegance to the space but eliminates pretentiousness so that everyone feels welcome yet has an elevated atmosphere to enjoy.

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Before continuing the tour, I got myself a glass of Guinness. Fun fact: Did you know the proper pour for Guinness is 119 seconds?

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As we continued the tour, we ventured upstairs where the spaces were more intimate. Benjamin shared that many of the furniture pieces are vintage. They wanted to put an old-world feel while remaining modern. It reminded me of a renovated DUMBO industrial warehouse which I swoon for. 

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Foxy’s Pub beauty continued to amaze. As we stepped outside I was greeted by a balcony area adorned with plush sofas and a beautiful courtyard that is dog friendly. 

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As my tour came to a wrap, my hunger came to starvation as I peered around looking at what others ordered. I asked Benjamin what their staples were and we decided on Scotch Egg, Fish & Chips, and Cottage Pie.

Foxy’s Pub Food

Fish & Chips is one of my favorite things to eat and I quickly recognized that theirs is unique. An accidental test in the kitchen led to their secret weapon of how to differentiate their Fish & Chips. The secret? A malt vinegar brine and pair it with curry ketchup. 

Scotch Egg was something I’ve always yearned to try. What is better than breakfast in hand? A sausage wrapped soft boil egg, it’s rich and decadent and paired with citrus arugula salad and horseradish aioli

Of course, a visit to an Irish pub is not complete without a cottage pie or rendition of an Irish stew. Their cottage pie was perfectly saucy but substituted with beef because we know Texans love their cows. Paired with cheddar mashed potatoes, this dish is rich enough to share for two.

Other highlights on their menu include citrus in-house cured Smoked Salmon, Dubliner Potato Skins, Irish breakfast (served all day!), and Bangers and Champs where the meat is sourced locally from Hudson Meat Market. 

Our last cocktail paired with dinner was Causeway Coupe (Tullamore dew, lemon, star anise honey) and Foxy’s Coffee (Jameson, coffee, Guinness whipped cream). That Guinness whip cream was out of this world and can easily be a dessert cocktail for those fancying something sweet. Foxy’s will soon be offering their Foxy’s Coffee, a frozen cocktail as we look forward to enjoying the spring and summer weather.

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What I love about Foxy’s is the come-as-you-are attitude they exude. They created a casual yet elevated space for people to enjoy a drink and gather with friends and family over food. Whether you’re in for dinner or to kick back from sunset into the evening, I highly recommend Foxy’s Proper Pub, this place should be your next stop.

Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.