Fredericksburg – The Ultimate Itinerary

Although there is always plenty of things to do in Austin, a day trip is sometimes what the weekend calls for. Our trip to Fredericksburg was one of the most pleasant surprises we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

The shopping, food, and wine experiences just kept getting better and better. The town was homey, the people were welcoming, and the experience was unforgettable. Here’s everything I recommend so you can have a truly one-of-a-kind trip!

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Places to Eat

Though Fredericksburg may not be the biggest city, you will never have to scavenge for the perfect restaurant for you. Here are the restaurants I visited, and I can tell you were 100% worthwhile.

Woerner Warehouse

Decorated with countless beautiful vintage pieces, this warehouse turned modern eatery is the perfect place to enjoy a comforting breakfast or lunch. Woerner Warehouse serves up avocado toast, bagel sandwiches, pastries, and all sorts of coffee for breakfast and is likely to set you back no more than $15.

For lunch, their 10 inch widely loved pizzas are a surefire choice, but I went with the California Chicken Melt for $14, which seemed to be a fan favorite, and it did not disappoint.

The veggies were fresh, the mozzarella was soft, and that pesto mayo was no joke. I got a side of tomato soup (because who can say no to tomato soup) and was in complete bliss.

Woerner Warehouse
Photo from Woerner Warehouse

I also tried the Pesto Chicken Pizza for $15 that was equally as delightful. Their pizza choices were both classic and creative (including the ever-so controversial pineapple pizza). They even offer gluten free and cauliflower crusts, assuring the perfect pie for anyone under $16.

To go along with your dish of choice, Woerner Warehouse offers plenty of wine choices as well as five beer options. And don’t forget to grab one (or five) of their homemade, incredibly delectable pastries. 

Woerner Warehouse was overall a great lunch spot. If you’re on the go and need a quick place to reenergize, Woerner Warehouse is the right place.

There was barely any wait, even on the weekend, and the staff were incredibly outgoing and attentive. Take a break from your day to step into this beautiful, upscale vintage atmosphere for an experience you won’t regret.

Hill & Vine

Hill & Vine immediately caught my eye while scrolling for dinner options. The ambiance was stylish, modern and had a charming farmhouse feel. I no doubt made the right decision. 

As soon as I walked in, I knew this would be a great dinner. Although there is no waitlist/reservation option and the restaurant solely does first come first serve, Hill & Vine found a way to lessen the frustration of waiting.

In their back patio area is a van called Das Bar Bus. This bus offers beer, wine, mimosas and margaritas and is solely there to keep you happy and occupied until you’re seated. (Talk about genius).

Hill and Vine
Photo from Hill & Vine

And boy oh boy is the wait worth it once you’re at your table. Immediately, the waiter was charismatic and ready for whatever we needed, so I obviously started with drinks. Although the beer and wine selections were incredible, I opted for a cocktail.

I tried the Snake in my Boot for $12 which had tequila, pineapple juice and prickly pear puree, and needless to say my dining experience was off to a great start. 

After browsing their menu for what felt like forever because of the amazing choices and my lack of decision making, I went for the Chicken Schnitzel listed at $17 and man did I make the right decision.

The chicken was crisp and juicy, and that chimichurri provided the perfect kick to take it to that next level. It was paired with an arugula tomato salad which was a great fresh pairing alongside the sizable chicken breast. 

I then tried their Chili-Citrus Brined Pork Chop for $24 and it lived up to my now very high expectations. It was smokey, rich, perfectly tart and paired with a sweet potato and bacon spaetzle. I mean, need I say more to describe how delicious this dish was?

After being so in awe of the entrees, I sadly and foolishly did not save room for dessert, but I was still plenty happy with my experience. The staff were all welcoming and well educated on the menu, as well as attentive and helpful when needed. 

From the start of my experience here with Das Bar Bus, all the way through the food, drinks, and service, Hill & Vine was an immaculate restaurant that will be near the top of my recommendation list for many years to come.

Granite House Lounge

This recommendation came from our sommelier at Augusta Vin Winery, (more about this place below) and man do I owe him a thank you. This restaurant truly blew me away, from the decor to the food and the drinks, there wasn’t one moment of this dinner that I didn’t absolutely enjoy.

This restaurant dishes up incredible bites with a New Orleans style flair. Located inside a house (hence the name), this spot has a very cozy, relaxed feel that will leave you thinking about the food, drinks, and experience for weeks.

First off, I would recommend getting on their waitlist and be ready to wait a while. Granite House Lounge is only open during dinner hours Tuesday-Saturday, so they are a very hot commodity. (But so, so worth it)

Once you’re sat, drinks and appetizers are up. Firstly, you absolutely cannot leave this place without trying their fried green beans for $10. They are perfectly crispy, lightly breaded, and served with a white BBQ sauce.

This dish makes the humble green bean so surprisingly delectable; you won’t be able to stop going for more. 

For drinks, I tried their Texas Margatini ($10), their version of an old fashioned ($11), and the classic Sazerac ($10). Each drink was just as delicious as the one before, made with quality liquor you can taste and carefully crafted by the Granite House Lounge bartenders. With the drinks and appetizers alone, I knew I was in for quite the food experience.

Then it was entree time, and boy was I in for it. I tried their shrimp and grits ($23), house pasta (MKT price) and chicken fried steak ($19). I was taken aback every time, but the true star of the show was the shrimp and grits.

The shrimp were fresh, perfectly tender and juicy. The Cajun cream sauce paired with their velvety smooth four cheese grits created a flavor like no other.

The andouille sausage added the perfect smokey bite to this incredibly rich dish. I cannot recommend this plate enough; you will not regret it.

Even after my life-altering entree, I somehow found room for dessert because Granite House Lounge offered a Kentucky bread pudding for $8. I mean come on, how was I supposed to say no!

This bread pudding was made with brioche bread, served with vanilla ice cream and slathered in a rich bourbon sauce. This was the perfect way to finish off the night and sent me over the edge into a heavenly state of food coma. 

I was beyond impressed with Granite House Lounge’s dishes, flavors, and spirit. It shocked me that I found some of the most incredible flavors I’ve ever had in Fredericksburg, but I’m happily surprised.

Granite House Lounge is truly one for the books, and if you find yourself anywhere near Fredericksburg make sure to put this restaurant at the top of your list.

Things to Do

This quaint yet lively town surprisingly had a lot in store. Fredericksburg’s Main Street that runs through the center of the town has a load of options to keep you happily busy. 

The shopping along Main Street is no joke. From boutiques, to antique shops, to candy stores, you and your crowd will find a store you love.

The Fredericksburg boutiques sell clothes from small and local businesses as well as more widely known brands, making your shopping experience all the more exciting, but at the same time so much more difficult. (But who doesn’t love options).

Fredericksburgs Main Street

The antique game in Fredericksburg is pretty impressive, from small antique shops like Farmhaus Antiques, to full on malls like the Red Baron Antique Mall, you’re bound to leave your trip with a priceless souvenir.

Not to mention, the rich history of Fredericksburg as a settlement town adds a certain uniqueness to any piece you might choose.

Throughout all this shopping, you will probably need a break. Luckily for you, there are tons of shops with plenty of sweet treats waiting right inside. Main Street has chocolate stores, popcorn stores, candy stores, ice cream shops, even stores that specialize in fancy honey! Shopping can be incredibly hard work; you deserve a treat (or two).

If shopping isn’t your thing, no worries! Since Fredericksburg is in the hill country, there are some incredible parks with truly unbeatable views. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is definitely one to consider, with hiking trails, camping and rock climbing, this state park will leave you in awe.

Another beautiful must-see is Wildseed Farms in South Fredericksburg. This farm is the nation’s largest working wildflower farm with over 200 acres right there in Fredericksburg.

Flowers go as far your eyes can see and then some, straight out of a fairytale. Wildseed Farms is a sure-fire way to enjoy the beautiful nature of the hill country and have an unforgettable time in Fredericksburg.

Aside from the loads of shopping and picturesque views, Fredericksburg constantly has events like live music, art shows and farmers markets. Before your trip, be sure to check out what events are happening soon!

Wineries to Visit

Augusta Vin

I only had time to visit one winery during my time in Fredericksburg, and that winery was Augusta Vin. As soon as you enter the grounds you are transported to a small, upscale California vineyard town. The massive arched building down the private road is elegant and incredibly scenic. 

For this winery, I suggest making a reservation online so you can explore pictures of all the different tasting areas available. There is seating available in their spacious main room, as well as seating upstairs and outside on the patio, the perfect setting for a sunset glass. 

Augusta Vin
Photo from Visit Fredericksburg

Augusta Vin offers either a red wine, red and white wine, or rose tasting at $25 a person for 5 different wine samples. To go with your tasting, they have an array of food choices including a cheese board for $22, a charcuterie board for $45 and more that pair perfectly with your glass of choice.

The staff was incredibly welcoming and there to help you with any hard decisions. Their knowledge of wine was above and beyond, but it was no bother for them to explain the basics to newbies. (A.K.A me). 

The overall experience was beyond what I hoped for. The tasting was affordable and unexpectedly delicious, and the food pairing was just the cherry on top. 

While finishing up my time there, I asked the sommelier what other wineries were worth a visit for the future, and here’s where I got the inside scoop on the other best wineries in Fredericksburg.

Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyards was quick to be recommended. Their luxurious, upscale environment will make you feel like a wine connoisseur in no time. With $30 wine tastings and $45 vineyard tours, Grape Creek is definitely worth putting on your Fredericksburg itinerary.

Grape Creek on Main Tasting Room

The Grape Creek on Main Tasting Room has all the flavors of the main vineyard but is located smack in the middle of town on Main Street. It was recommended if you wanted a more quick and casual experience, but of course without compromising any of the taste. 

Slate Mill Wine Collective

A quick drive down the road from Augusta vin was another recommendation, Slate Mill Wine Collective. This family-run vineyard offers a more cozy and rustic experience, with warehouse-esque tasting rooms and $30 production tours. 

I’m positive there is a perfect winery for everyone out of the vast options in Fredericksburg. The three sommelier recommendations were all so different and definitely able to cater to all sorts of different crowds.

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