Geraldine’s Record Society

Are you ready to be part of the Geraldine’s Record Society? Prepare to be entertained by vinyl, wine, and swine every Sunday night at Geraldine’s. Grab your favorite vinyl from home, or select one from Geraldine’s newly created collection, and let the evening begin. We’re listening to music on vinyl, indulging in the delicious menu, and sipping on wine all night long. 


Geraldine’s is no stranger to creating an enjoyable atmosphere for their events. The lights dim down, colored lights appear, and music fills the room. If you are looking for an evening get away, the atmosphere at Geraldine’s is sure to do the trick. Sit inside at a cozy table, or grab a seat outside for a view of the pool deck. From date nights, to weekend brunch, Grearldine’s at Hotel Van Zandt is the optimal location. 



The concept behind Geraldine‘s record society was inspired by Japanese listening bars. The first listening bar popped up in Japan in the early 1950s and today consists of a venue with high-end audio equipment that plays carefully-chosen vinyl records. Geraldine‘s employees wanted to help find a new way to bring music into the space. Together, they carefully selected a selection of music, first focusing on Texan artists, and then moving beyond. Some of the old Texan artists include Roy Erickson, Willie Nelson, and the Eagles. Many may recognize some of the new Texan talent such as Leon Bridges and Khalid. 

While Geraldines has a selection of albums to play from, they also invite guests to bring albums from their own collection to play. Throughout the night, the DJ says he stops from table to table to take down song requests from the music menu. They are always down for a conversation about each artist and eager to learn more about every album.



The menu at Geraldines is meant to be shared by the table, and we know a few things that should be on your list every time. Buttermilk biscuits seem to have a place as a starter here in Austin, and Geraldines is no exception to this staple. 

If you’re looking for a light and crisp option, the endive salad is refreshing, yet filling and perfect to start a meal with. There are several plates on the menu that are perfect for an entrée to share. The short ribs are tender and come with a southern side stable of grits. The cacio e pepe pasta is creamy and punches the right amount of kids, and the pork pasta is filling and covered in a creamy red sauce with pork. 

For a side, our waitress recommended the crispy brussels sprouts and we have to agree with her when she says they’re the most delicious thing on the menu. Sweet with just a little bit of heat, they are crisp to perfection, and we would order two if we weren’t so full. 

The half baked chicken with chimichurri sauce is so tender it falls off the bone. 

There is no wrong choice of desserts, and we recommend at least two to share.


Geraldine’s plans to keep the Geraldine’s Record Society: Vinyl, Wine, and Swine, running for as long as they can. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday-Sunday and brunch Saturday and Sunday. The Geraldine’s Record Society takes place every Sunday from 5:30 to 9:30. Reservations are recommended and don’t forget to bring your favorite vinyl with you. For more information, visit


Eva Rogers

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