Hopdoddy Burger Bar Restaurant In Austin – A Complete Review

In the last decade, Hopdoddy Burger Bar has taken its stake in southern U.S burger culture and turned itself into a household name. Just a little over a decade ago. The first location was opened in Austin, Texas on South Congress, and the company has now expanded to include over 30 locations in seven different states.

The restaurant was opened by a few friends who sought to create a fast-food burger joint that was quick and convenient but also used high-quality ingredients and offered amazing flavor combinations and drinks. They wanted a place that would satisfy a common food craving, burgers. While being an ambient and classy experience, somewhere parents would want to take their kids rather than the other way around.

Two of the founders, Chuck Smith and Larry Perdido, had previous experience in the restaurant industry with their projects “Moonshine” and “Saba,” and while they did not originally want to open a burger joint, they decided to go along with the idea for Hopdoddy as it seemed to be a grossly overlooked market that was bound to be successful in the growing city of Austin.


The name “Hopdoddy” comes from a combination of the word “hops,” an essential ingredient in the making of beer, and “doddy,” a nickname for the Black Angus beef that the company originally sourced from in Scotland.

The name is perfect in capturing two of the most important aspects of the restaurant itself and what it strives to accomplish in its culture. Hopdoddy is a proud supporter of the craft beer movement and features local craft breweries in each of its restaurants, which can be perfectly paired with their burgers.

Likewise, the company is known for sourcing the highest quality ingredients and offering a variety of options for its customers. Hopdoddy has become one of the freshest fast food restaurants available, which goes to show how much it aims to serve the public.

Hopdoddy Menu

Hopdoddy has a range of options available to satisfy almost anyone’s palette. While burgers are their most popular menu item, they also have a range of fries, salads, and an exclusively gluten-free menu.

The restaurant sources only the highest quality of meats and currently has an exclusive partnership with Certified Piedmontese, with their organic meats coming from humanely-raised cattle located across the Midwestern United States. They also work to source as many ingredients locally as possible.

different food dishes from Hopdoddy's menu

The restaurant is known for its creativity when it comes to burger flavor combinations, which come to fruition in their 13 different burger options. Their newest burger addition to the menu, The Dynamite, features a tempura-fried tuna patty and their signature dynamite sauce.

Most of the burgers sit in the $9$15 price range, making them both an affordable and satisfying option for families. One very popular pick is the Primetime Burger, which features a beef patty topped with fondue cheese, truffle aioli, and caramelized onions. 

a burger from hopdoddy

Likewise, the restaurant offers a kid’s menu with 3 different options, available to anyone looking for smaller portions. If burgers are not necessarily your go-to, they offer fresh salad options featuring mixed greens and several variations of shareable fries, as well as deconstructed burgers built in a bowl.

With the variety of patty options available and the diversity of ingredients, one can find the best burger that will satisfy their cravings.

Menu ItemsPrice
The Dynamite$13.25
The Classic$8.25
Goodnight/ Good Cause$9.50
Llano Poblano$9.75
Magic Shroom$9.50
El Diablo$9.25
Buffalo Bill$13.25
Bacon Jam Double$10.25
Ahi Tuna$13.50
El Bandito Veggie$11.50
The Primetime$14.50
Beyond a Classic (Vegan)$11.75

Along with a few different options for wines, the restaurant’s “Boozy Drinks” menu features many variations of the traditional margarita, available both frozen and on the rocks, as well as some other unique options, such as the Cran Hibiscus Lemonade.

As if the delicious burgers were not enough, the restaurant is also a fully functioning bar that offers a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. As Hopdoddy came to be during the growing popularity of the craft beer movement, the company aims to offer a variety of local craft beer options at each of its locations, as well as some more mainstream alternatives.

Austin’s Hopdoddy Burger Bar Locations

Hopdoddy Burger Bar has seven locations in the Greater Austin area. Its first location on South Congress continues to thrive in a prime spot located along the popular street, where it is accessible to both tourists and locals alike.

This location is in proximity to Zilker Park and close to other popular eateries, which are detailed in our South Congress Restaurants article. They also have another restaurant in the general area of downtown Austin, located in Plaza Saltillo just off of 5th Street, which is North of the Colorado River and closer to the Texas Capitol.

In the Oak Hill area of South Austin, there is a “Lil Doddy” location, which is essentially a version of the restaurant that is smaller and emphasizes speed and convenience, similar to traditional fast-food chains.

austin location of hobdoddy burger

This new concept of the restaurant allows customers to order ahead online and pick up their order at the online order pick-up window. North of downtown, there are also locations in the Triangle off of Lamar Boulevard, and also on Anderson.

HopDoddy’s last few locations in Austin are in the more residential suburbs of the city, located in Cedar Park and Round Rock, which are prime areas for families with children to grab a meal. All of the locations open daily at 11:00 AM and close around 9:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 PM on weekends.

Happy Hour of Hopdoddy

Hopdoddy offers a happy hour for dine-in only customers from 3-6 PM on weekdays only. Their happy hour menu includes $5 “schooner” drinks, which are explained on their website to be 18-ounce frozen drinks, such as their frozen house margarita.

Their craft cocktails are also included on the happy hour menu, as well as their local draft beers. The restaurant offers five variations of margaritas that can be purchased off the happy hour menu, while the local craft beer is constantly rotating and unique to each location.

The happy hour menu also offers a few shareable appetizers to enjoy, including the Pretzel and Beer Cheese option or the House Fries.

Hopdoddy FAQs

Does Hopdoddy have soy-free and gluten-free options?

Yes, Most of the menu is both soy and dairy-free, and if not, customers can easily customize the meals to whatever dietary restrictions they may have. Hopdoddy also makes a gluten-free bun from scratch inside each of their restaurants. Almost all of their burgers are available as fully gluten-free options, and they also have a menu detailing every gluten-free item they offer.

Does Hopdoddy have vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, Hopdoddy does have both a black bean and veggies patty, called “El Bandito,” as well as plant-based meat patties in their Beyond Burger. Burgers can also be made vegan by swapping to Veganaise and vegan gouda cheese, as well as for opting for a whole wheat bun. The fries are also cooked in Mel Fry Oil, making them vegan as well.

What is Hopdoddy doing in terms of COVID protocols?

Hopdoddy is following local ordinances based on each location’s local protocols. They abide by all CDC guidelines and masks are required for all employees.

Does Hopdoddy offer catering and/or delivery?

Yes, Hopdoddy, unfortunately, does not offer catering services, however, they do work with several third-party delivery services, such as DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, and Favor. These delivery services are typically available within a 5-mile radius of each restaurant.

Who owns Hopdoddy Burger Bar?

While Hopdoddy was originally founded by friends Chuck Smith and Larry Perdido, the company is now led by CEO Jeff Chandler. Hopdoddy is privately owned under the new name HiBar Hospitality Group.

Does Hopdoddy have turkey burgers?

No, Unfortunately, Hopdoddy does not offer a turkey burger option. However, the restaurant does have several alternatives to the traditional beef patty that many customers can enjoy, such as their El Bandito patty and Beyond Burgers, as well as chicken and tuna patties.


Hopdoddy has proven itself to be a fan favorite across many states and seems to check many customers’ boxes in terms of a high-quality, savory menu, delicious drinks, and a unique ambiance that seems to be unmatched by other burger joints. The company truly works for its customers by striving to source locally and ethically, while also being fairly priced and providing a great experience.

The culture of Austin, Texas has been able to launch Hopdoddy into stardom, however, the restaurant remains a staple to Austin foodies and the South Congress Restaurant scene. The company is constantly evolving both its food and drink menu to constantly offer variety to its customers and is sure to remain a staple burger joint for years to come.

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