Korea House Restaurant In Austin – Detailed Review

Located in West Anderson Lane, Korea House brings an authentic Korean dining experience to Austin. With dishes such as Korean BBQ, budae jjigae, Korean stews, and delicious shareable plates, you won’t be able to stop eating. In addition to the food, their patio looks out onto a small pond that reflects the sunset, so your meal is topped off with a relaxing view. The owners and staff are very friendly, and if you’ve never tried Korean BBQ, this is a great place to try it! They will walk you through the menu and help you order the right dishes. We highly recommend heading over whenever you get the chance. 

Korea House Menu

Our meal started out with some traditional korean snack dishes; potatoes, kim chi, bean sprouts and tofu. We snacked on those and enjoyed the view while the main dishes were being prepared. Next, we ordered the fried chicken nuggets as a starter, and they did not disappoint. The chicken was coated in soy sauce, though there is also a choice of spicy sauce, they were lightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Korea House dish from their menu

Ribeye Beef Bulgogi Dish

After snacking on the small dishes, a warm metal plate was brought out to cook the Korean BBQ, and a couple of plates of white rice to accompany the meat. We ordered the ribeye beef bulgogi. Once the hot plate was warmed up, we placed the thin slices of meat on it and watched them sizzle and cook into deliciousness. We also added onions, mushrooms, veggies, and jalapenos onto the hot plate. After a couple of minutes, the whole table smelled delicious. The meat took a couple of minutes on each side to cook, and it was the same for the veggies. We mixed some white rice with the meat and the veggies, making for a perfect bite. Out of everything we tried this was my favorite dish, the meat was tender and melted in my mouth. 

Korea House dish ribeye beef bulgogi from their menu

The next plate we ordered was a haemul sundubu, a Korean stew that was brought out on a large pot and cooked on the table. The dish was brought out raw and cold, then slowly warmed up with a beef stew. Once the stew started boiling, we added noodles and ramen and mixed it up. Our mouths watered while we waited for the dish to be ready, and in the chilly night air the warm stew was the perfect end to the experience. Their food was unlike any other restaurant in Austin, with authentic Korean flavors, and fresh ingredients, and we will definitely be going back soon for another bite!

Chris Kim

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