Lowkey Spots of Austin

One of the best things about Austin is there is so much to do outdoors. With COVID-19 a reality of our lives, many folks are heading outside to blow off steam and relax. The problem is… the popular spots can get super crowded. Everyone in Austin knows about 360 Overlook, Mount Bonnell, and the Congress Avenue Bat Bridge. While those are great places to visit and sightsee, you might want something more low key and chill like the destinations below. 

Pace Bend Park

Pace Bend Park in Lake Travis isn’t so hidden with its 1300 acre size land, but within those acres hosts one of the best cliff jumping spots in the state. These cliffs are no joke, some of these cliffs are as high as 45 feet, so you definitely get the full experience when debating your own life at the edge. Now I have experienced this for myself and it is definitely OK to be nervous. But once you jump and find out you’re not dreaming, you want to go back up and do it again. It is one of those places you want to knock off your Austin bucket list for sure.

Secret Beach 

The Secret Beach is really how it sounds. Located behind Krieg Fields near the Longhorn Dam, this place is very discreet even though it is less than 10 minutes from downtown. With it’s sandy shores it is actually a beach! While swimming is prohibited you may still find people tanning or playing with their dogs in the water. It is a nice spot to dip your feet in the water and relax then take a short drive downtown for a bite to eat or some ice cream to stay cool.

Common Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park 

As someone who grew up in the city of Austin, this place is my personal favorite. “The Commons”, is a true kickback destination. I can’t tell you how many times I met up with a bunch of friends here on the weekends. The best part is that the volleyball nets and barbecue grills are located right by the water. So you and your friends can dip in the water or play some volleyball while having some food cooking on the grill.

Saint Edward’s University Hilltop

Many people know that St. Edward’s University’s mascot is the hilltoppers (a goat), and instead of the 40 acres of campus like the University of Texas, it is “on the hilltop” for St. Edward’s. With being on the hilltop comes arguably the most beautiful view of the downtown skyline. At the very top of the hill above the soccer field you can see the whole skyline, and if you go at night you can see all the bright lights before your eyes.

Chris Kim

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