Peppermint Parkway

Peppermint Parkway is bigger than ever and back at Circuit of The Americas this holiday season. Experience the twinkling lights, feel the speed on the COTA track, and wander through Peppermint Plaza. From roller skating snowflakes, a mesmerizing light experience, and even an appearance from the Grinch himself, Peppermint Parkway is a must on your holiday list to make it #totallysweet. 

The Atmosphere

Now through December 26th, guests can enjoy various activities at the Parkway. Peppermint Plaza, which can be enjoyed before or after your journey through the lights, is filled with activities for the whole family. The plaza resembles a carnival, with many rides and fair foods to indulge in. Write a letter to Santa for Pepper and Mint to deliver, or enjoy one of the live shows with an appearance from Santa himself. Take a trip up to the top of the COTA Candy Cane and step out over the glass observation deck if you are brave enough. While admission to Peppermint Plaza is free, each activity is purchased separately. 

The Packages

Before the drive-through experience starts, guests have the opportunity to stock up on snacks like cookies, popcorn, and hot chocolate. Peppermint Parkway offers several packages for guests to choose from to have the best experience possible. The Parkway is the most standard package, providing admission to the drive-through experience. The Sweetest Deal, the most inclusive package, includes access to the Parkway, a lap around the COTA track, and a fast pass. 

The Experience

After experiencing Peppermint Parkway for ourselves, we highly recommend selecting a package with a @COTA_Official Track Lap. The lap starts just before you drive through the light experience when you divert from the route and enter the track. Whether you are a fan of cars or not, the trip around the course is sure to put a smile on your face. While you are guided through the path by a guide car from Peppermint Parkway, you still feel a little bit of speed and adrenaline when your tires hit the track. 

The drive-through light experience takes about 15 minutes to complete. While you are not permitted to leave your car, you can occasionally stop and take pictures inside the car. You’ll want plenty of time to slow down and enjoy the spectacular light show. Roll your windows down, let the holiday music flood in, and get into the spirit. 

Peppermint Parkway is the perfect holiday activity to do with family and friends. They are open through Christmas, so you still have plenty of time to load up in the car and admire the dazzling lights. For more information, visit @PeppermintParkway or purchase your tickets at 


Peppermint Parkway is a holiday must this season in Austin! 💡🍬 🎄@Peppermintparkway @COTA_Official #totallysweet

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