TacoDeli Austin

TacoDeli is a homegrown authentic Mexican taqueria that was first established in Austin in 1999. The founder of the restaurant, Roberto, grew up in Mexico and fell in love with the plentiful flavors of the traditional taco, but wanted to make something with his own unique twist that set his products apart from the other tacos that span across Texas. Roberto fell in love with the friendly and unique ambiance of Austin and merged the flavors of his own heritage with that of a rich Texas culture to create his one-of-a-kind tacos, which now have over 10 locations in 4 cities. 

The Restaurant

TacoDeli is a beautiful but quaint restaurant that employs walk-in ordering as well as pick-up to ease the ordering process. I went to the location on 3rd Street, which had many options for seating inside as well as patio tables. Upon entering, one can examine the menu displayed on the wall for as long as they would like, as well as see their array of margaritas and other drinks available, all with enticing flavors. The restaurant has an extensive menu with both breakfast and lunch options, as well as a variety that will fit almost any diet. The diversity of taco selection is intended to match customers’ palettes at any time of the day, and can also be paired with several different options for sides and starters. 

The Food

Given the success of the restaurant in growing its operations to such a large degree, I had to try as much of a variety as I could. I started with “The Vaquero” from the breakfast menu, and it was a perfect combination for someone looking to set themselves right after a long and late weekend. With scrambled eggs and roasted peppers, the meal was definitely filling and perfect as a breakfast option.

Additionally, I also tried the “Cowboy,” which is made with dry-rubbed beef tenderloin and was probably my favorite option. The beef is cut into perfectly bite sized pieces that complement the other pairings of the taco well, and the meat is cooked in such a way that it is juicy but not too chewy or well-done. I definitely could have ordered this taco alone and been satisfied, but I had to try more. Lastly, I ordered “The Heather,” which is one taco in their array of vegetarian and vegan options. While the ingredients were relatively simple, with a base of refried black beans, it was an overall healthy and refreshing taco that I am sure people would look to, even without dietary restrictions. 

The Service

Upon ordering, one will pay and then sit down to have their food brought to them. The food came out in no time and was fresh from the grill, warm and ready to be scarfed down. The employees were overwhelmingly kind and patient in helping us choose the best options and making sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal. The menu is very fairly priced, given the quality of ingredients, so one can easily purchase as many tacos as they would like. 

In Closing

TacoDeli highlights its mission statement in all areas of its operations, and truly emanates the feeling of homegrown authenticity and a genuine love for culture and food. The company emphasizes its importance of working with local farmers to derive their fresh ingredients, supporting nonprofits and organizations around Austin to give back to the community, and providing balanced and wholesome meals to fit anyone’s palette and needs. All in all, TacoDeli has a beautiful backstory and a true appreciation for both the Mexican and Austin culture, which emerges in each one of their flavorful and rich dishes. 


Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.