Taquero Mucho Restaurant In Austin – Detailed Review

Located at the corner of 6th Street and West Avenue, Taquero Mucho, Gabriela’s Downtown’s sister taqueria, is an Instagrammable heaven whose food is surprisingly authentic and traditional – minus the pink tortillas, of course. It’s hard to talk about Taquero Mucho without starting with the decor.

It’s genuinely one of the cutest restaurants I’ve been to; every table around me was taking photos with their pink margaritas in front of the pink rose wall art underneath the pink lighting. Did I mention the restaurant is entirely pink? Like, everything is pink. From the disco balls in the restroom to the velvet booths, the whole restaurant is bathed in pink. It’s too fun!

Taquero Mucho restaurant ambiance

Taquero Mucho Menu

The menu features a solid choice of tacos, sopes, and tortas – just to name a few entree options. It truly feels like there’s something for everyone! I’ve thought about their Elote and Taquitos de Papa con Queso pretty much every day since I went. The purple potato used in the taquitos is so creamy and delicious; it goes perfectly with the lime, refreshing guacamole placed in the center of the bowl. The chips were also amazing and seasoned perfectly.

Drink “Frozen Passionfruit Margarita”

Now onto Taquero Mucho’s amazing drink selection. There are some truly beautiful drinks here, oh and, of course, they’re also pink. Their margaritas are strong and tasty, with the most interesting being the El Chapo y Kate. It’s a frozen passionfruit margarita mixed with chamoy that comes with a tamarind candy straw balancing on top.

It’s a super pretty drink that tastes as good as it looks; the chamoy and straw give it a little more kick than a typical margarita. Their Margarita Clasica is also super good, coming on the rocks and frozen. For all the non-drinkers out there, their pink lemonade is just as delicious as their cocktails!

Dish “Crispy Shrimp Taco”

Okay, let’s talk about the most important part of Taquero Mucho: their tacos. Like I said earlier, pink tortillas. Let me reiterate: Pink. Tortillas. They really connect the food to the atmosphere and just make the entire experience feel so cohesive. The best part about the pink tortillas is the lack of food dye in them: they’re colored from beets!

They have six taco options (with one being plant-based for all the vegans and vegetarians out there!), but the best, in my opinion, is the Arranchera Asada. I’m a sucker for anything lime or anything with pickled onions, and just my luck, the Arranchera Asada has both! The skirt steak is marinated in a delicious mixture of beer and garlic and then cooked to perfection.

I was tempted to get another plate for the meat alone. The rice and beans are perfect, classic sides to accompany the tacos. An honorable mention for top taco is the Crispy Shrimp taco. It comes with the most amazing jalapeno-lime salsa on the side that I dumped all over my tacos. 10/10 idea.

Taquero-Mucho menu dish

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, the Nopalitos Sopes were a hit for me. I haven’t had cactus in a long time, so I loved trying it again! Beware: the sopes are a little messy, so make sure to keep your (pink) napkin close!

Operational Hours

All in all, Taquero Mucho is truly a one-of-a-kind restaurant that I’ll definitely be going back to. Give them a visit at 11 AM – 10 AM Sunday through Wednesday and 11 AM-11 PM Thursday through Saturday next time you’re looking for a new Instagram photo or really bomb tacos. Come for the amazing atmosphere, stay for the delicious food!

Taquero Mucho atmosphere
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