The Texas Tasty – Top 10 DFW Coffee Shops

Dwell Coffee & Biscuits

In the TCU area, Dwell Coffee & Biscuits are true staples! With four locations throughout DFW, plus one on TCU’s campus, Dwell is the perfect work spot in Fort Worth. Known for their handcrafted coffee and infamous biswich, or biscuit-based sandwich, Dwell is a great place to meet up with friends or colleagues for some caffeine and a bite to eat. Their lavender latte is one you won’t want to miss!

Window Seat

One of the newest coffee shops in Dallas has taken on a theme that is truly the first of its kind! Window Seat is an airplane-themed coffee shop designed to inspire wandering and an escape from daily life. Whether you prefer a calm, relaxing vacation or an adventure that is inspiring and never ending, either can be found at Window Seat! Create your own coffee shop and work experience with a coffee or Italian soda in hand.

Houndstooth Coffee

Since 2010, Houndstooth Coffee has been serving coffee to customers throughout Dallas (and Austin!) while taking over the Texan coffee world. Based on the simplicity of the houndstooth pattern, Houndstooth aims to serve the coffee-related needs of their customers and provide them with the classic coffee shop experience. This statewide favorite has expanded their reach and now offers a monthly coffee subscription to be sent to your doorstep!

Ampersand Coffee

Ampersand Coffee is the ultimate Fort Worth spot to grab a coffee by day and a cocktail by night. The “Business in the front, party in the back” motto at Ampersand is the best way to sum up this coffee shop experience. With a focus on serving ethically sourced, fair trade coffee, that is also organic, Ampersand aims to provide coffee enthusiasts with the best quality drinks possible. Whether you’re near the TCU campus or on West 7th, this is the perfect spot to grab a drink on-the-go or to buy a bag of beans to make your own coffee at home.

Fiction Coffee

Feeling the need to escape from reality? We have the spot for you! Fiction Coffee is simply too good to be true. Located in the heart of Dallas, and with a new contactless pick-up system in place, grabbing a cup of coffee from Fiction has never been easier. Fiction was designed to provide the best coffee experience for all; whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or having your very first cup here. Try out one of their house made syrups in your drink or grab some tacos or scones from the local vendors offered in store!

Opening Bell Coffee

Since its opening in 2003, Opening Bell Coffee has always been a Dallas favorite for coffee and music! With their specialty blends and regular live performances, OBC is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch contestants from “The Voice” sing. From breakfast food favorites to more coffee drinks than you could imagine, OBC provides the classic hipster experience while fulfilling your need for caffeine! 

The Craftwork Group

Craftwork Coffee was designed to be the perfect space to meet up, collaborate, and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, coworkers, or family. The workspace-based environment at Craftwork makes it the perfect place for Fort Worth (and Austin!) residents to get out of the house while staying productive. With their own five unique roasts, visiting Craftwork is the perfect way to try new drinks and find your favorite roast!

La La Land Kind Cafe

At La La Land Kind Cafe, the focus on creating a kind, inclusive community and a positive environment is a mission that sets them apart from competitors. The shop’s nonprofit organization is dedicated to employing youth presently in the foster care system. With a fully organic menu and an expansive number of coffee and matcha-based drinks, La La Land is a great place to try something new while giving back to the community.

Global Peace Factory Coffee & Juice Cafe

Global Peace Factory is the perfect spot to enjoy coffee as well as juices, paininis, and waffles. Located in Frisco, Dallas residents can easily visit this hidden gem. The use of a 1949 wood-fire roaster with high quality coffee beans from Naples, Italy, makes the coffee at Global Peace Factory one-of-a-kind! The urban, industrial vibe at GPF makes for an authentic coffee shop experience.

The Wild Detectives

In search of a unique coffee shop in Dallas? Look no further! The Wild Detectives brings together the feeling of a hip bookstore and coffee shop with an urban bar. Being open until midnight every Tuesday to Sunday boasts endless possibilities at any time of day. Inspired by the Spanish novel “The Savage Detectives,” the goal of The Wild Detectives is to provide customers with a space that creates positive experiences. From coffee to cocktails, there is something for everyone at The Wild Detectives!

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