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Yard House Restaurant is a modern, upscale establishment that focuses on American food and draft beers. Located at Domain Northside, an up-scale shopping center with a broad selection of high-end dining options, Yard House stands out as the main eatery option for beer enthusiasts, due to their extensive selection of draft beers. The restaurant has a dark ambiance, with a modern, upscale vibe.

You have the option to dine inside or at their outdoor patio. The candle-lit tables, each paired with a Ziosk, makes ordering and paying for your food seamless. You can always rely on them to play your favorite classic rock jams as well as some modern hits. There are TVs everywhere with sports channels running so you’ll never miss your favorite teams. Founded in Long Beach, California in 1996, Yard House now spans across the U.S. with over 75 locations.

Yard House Menu

Yard House offers an expansive selection of fine dining favorites. Their globally inspired menu features more than 100 made-from-scratch favorites, from signature starters like Poke Nachos and Fried Mac & Cheese, to street tacos, grilled burgers, pizza, seafood, and steak.

There’s an option for every craving! If you still have room for more, their dessert menu has many tasty options, such as the brookie, which is a cookie dough fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream, and a bread pudding with creme anglaise. Under some of the dining options, they have a “Beer Pairing” which is a suggested, curated beverage to compliment your meal.

When I visited, I ordered the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger and the beer pairing was the House IPA. If you don’t have a high alcohol tolerance, I’d suggest bringing a DD!

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The Poke Nachos is the go-to appetizer at Yard House. They are $14.99 and are made with marinated raw ahi, crispy wontons, avocado, and a bevy of other delicious ingredients. On their online menu, there is a recommendations tab that highlights some of their most popular dishes.

I’d personally recommend the Fried Calamari and BBQ Bacon Burger. For just $13.49, the Calamari is a filling appetizer with a zesty flavor and a perfect balance of crispy and chewy texture. The BBQ Bacon Burger is a mouthwatering combination of tang and sweetness, as well as a smokey flavor for $15.49.

Poke Nachos
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They have a vast selection of alcoholic beverages, ranging from wine, whiskey, mules, margaritas, and martinis. Additionally, they have over 100 drafts on tap, welcoming beer aficionados & casual enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for variety, Yard House offers plenty of options.

From fruit, light crisp, sour, and wheat beer, this is the perfect place to find your new favorite brew. Their floor prices range from $10-$20 while their premium selection ranges from $30-$50.

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Happy Hour

Yard House Happy Hours are 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday which features half off select appetizers and all pizzas. Drink discounts include $2 off draft beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails, $3 off 3oz wine, and $4 off half-yards. Some of their Happy Hour dishes include Poke Nachos, Fried Calamari, and boneless wings.

They also have a late-night Happy Hour that runs from 10pm-11pm Sunday through Wednesday which is similar to the daytime Happy Hour with the exception of discounted food.

late-night Happy Hour
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Group Dining

For groups of 30 or more, you have to submit a Group Dining Request and a Special Events Coordinator will contact you with a rate that’s adjusted to your group size and occasion. For groups of 30 or less, you have to call your local restaurant directly to get a quote. The price will vary on whether or not the group is drinking, if they are, expect to pay a lot more.

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Location + Opening and Closing Hours

Yard House is located at 11800 Domain Blvd Suite 700 in the up-scale shopping center known as The Domain. They are open 11am-12am Sunday through Thursday, and 11am-1am Friday and Saturday. Their Happy Hours are 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday, and they have a late night Happy Hour that runs from 10pm-11pm Sunday through Wednesday.

Yard House location and opening hours
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Reservation Process

There is no official reservation system, but they do allow you to call ahead. Additionally, through their online portal, Yard House lets you join a waitlist right from your phone. Luckily, when we went, there wasn’t any wait, so we didn’t use the waitlist feature. However, it seemed necessary for a busy night when their phone lines are ringing non-stop.

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Online Order Process

From their website, the Online Order portal lets you select from their full menu, ranging from appetizers to draft beers and takeout platters. Once you’re done selecting your dining options, you can select the Yard House that you want to pick up from.

For me, it automatically selected the Yard House at the Domain, from there I was able to choose a pickup time and date. They let you schedule a further date to pick it up or you can choose to have it made asap which they suggest would take around 30 minutes to prepare. Next, you can customize your order to your liking, as well as add special instructions for the chef. Then you place your order!

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Yard House Restaurant is a high-end restaurant in Austin with a huge menu, consisting of burgers, seafood, tacos, pizza, and sweets, as well as an extensive list of draft beers and other alcoholic beverages. Located at Domain Northside, Yard House has a dark ambiance, with a modern, upscale vibe.

They are open 11am-12am Sunday through Thursday, and 11am-1am Friday and Saturday. I do wish they would stay open later, as other bars nearby close at 2am. They regularly play classic rock jams and have a bunch of TV’s in the dining room with sports being broadcasted.

I really enjoyed the Fried Calamari as well as the BBQ Bacon Burger. The drinks were good but strong- I ordered a House IPA and barely finished it due to the bitterness. Overall, I really enjoyed dining at Yard House in Austin, and I would definitely recommend trying it out!

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