Echoes: A Houston Restaurant & Bar Review

Houston is a city rich with culture and music, with plenty of destinations to enjoy the night life with friends. Echoes carries that exciting, embracing energy to the table with its newest location. Inside the expanded bar, you’ll feel at home surrounded by drinks, friends, and diverse sounds for all to enjoy. This Echoes restaurant review features our experience with plenty of main dishes, a taste of dessert, and refreshing drinks out in the Houston sun!

Echoes Overview

From its small bar beginnings, Echoes Houston location found on 900 Richmond Ave now features a selection of delicious bites, salads, and desserts to enjoy. Their Instagram features their upcoming hosted music activities, with DJs, karaoke, and themed nights. You can find their menus at their website, featuring a Steak Night and Brunch Menu alongside their Bar Food & Drinks selections.


Tuesday – Saturday: 7 PM – 2 AM

Kitchen Hours: 7 PM – 12AM

Evening Events

Echoes hosts daily/weekly music events for local artists and performers, updating constantly on their Instagram. You’ll never go wrong with the variety of sounds Echoes delivers for visitors, friends, and regulars alike, from Afrobeats, dancefloor, boogie funk, karaoke nights, spinning house, shoegaze, cumbia, and more! Echoes posts its weekly lineup on its Instagram, and recounts past events on their website, so don’t miss out on your favorite genres and artists!

An Eclectic Space

Interior & Balcony Seating.

Walking into Echoes, you’ll instantly fall in love with its modern, minimal décor and open interior. A glass door dividing a spacious balcony seating area lets in plenty of sunlight a light breeze to enjoy. Its cozy indoor seating feels fresh, organic, and you’ll be able to walk up to their bar decorated with album covers and vinyls, showing what Echoes is all about. 

Groovy Drinks

Echoes Spritz Drinks and Water.

First, we started our visit off with fruity, addictive spritz mocktails, perfect for the breezy, sunny weather. The kick of flavor was a great add to the atmosphere of the location, with a laid-back, carefree taste! With music bumping alongside your next visit, it’ll be a great place to chat with friends our on the balcony and enjoy the feeling of a cold drink.

Too Good To Bite

The Trio of Dips.

Food came out rather quickly, with delicious, colorful ingredients and amazing pita. We dived into their appetizer Trio of Dips, composed of melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant), muhammara (red pepper & walnut) and tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber). Each dip had a distinct flavor, perfect to try for its 4 servings of pita. My favorites had to be the muhammara, with such a unique, distinct taste, and the tzatziki, which left a fresh, chilly impression. 

Souvlaki Plate.

Next was the Souvlaki Plate, which didn’t disappoint! For this dish, you’ll have an option of pork, salmon, or chicken, but choose pork and you’ll find a rich, tasty meal complete with red onions, fries, tzatziki, and pita. Their fries surprisingly maintained a perfect salty flavor, in contrast to most places having bland tasting, generic fries on the side. If you’re planning to get this plate (and you definitely should!), take the pita, a piece of your choice of meat, the onions, and grab a forkful of tzatziki to sandwich those beautiful, delicious ingredients together for a filling meal. 

Ribeye Tacos.

Next on the main dish meals were the Ribeye Tacos! You can never go wrong with yummy asadero cheese, onion, cilantro, lime, some salsa, and your choice of flour or corn tortillas. These were your classic, on-the-go tacos, and the tomatillo salsa accelerated its tasty, fresh flavor with a tiny kick of spice. These two tacos are perfect for two, and filling for one!

Filling & Fun

After those main dishes and appetizer, our stomachs were plenty full. With their somewhat small sizes, each dish packed a mean, filling bite, especially spoiling us with so much pita! Other dishes we tried included their Roasted Shrimp Pasta, which was the most filling out of all. The pasta is assorted with tomatoes, lots of garlic, parsley, and parmesan. I recommend their Pan-Seared Calamari as well, adorned with a crazy combination of spices and rich flavors, including their olive parsley sauce, crispy garlic, and red fresno chilies.

Wrapping Up Echoes Restaurant Review

Echoes Main Dishes.

That was our very own Echoes Restaurant Review! With an ambient, cozy atmosphere and great vibes for chatting with friends over drinks, this is a new Houston spot you don’t want to miss! For more music related content, you’ll want to check out our Music Archives for sounds all around Texas, and for more Houston, find us Around Town!

Eva Rogers

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