Best Things to Do in Fort Worth for Couples

Fort Worth, Texas, offers many romantic locations for couples to explore. The city provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories, from cultural gems to outdoor adventures. 

This guide delves into the top things to do in Fort Worth for couples, ensuring your time together is filled with romance and excitement.

List of The Top 22 Things to Do in Fort Worth for Couples

Whether you’re a local couple or just visiting, Fort Worth has something special for everyone. To enhance your experience, we’ve curated a list of the best things for couples to do in Fort Worth.

  1. Fort Worth Water Gardens
  2. White Rock Lake
  3. Kimbell Art Museum
  4. Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District
  5. Sundance Square
  6. Fort Worth Japanese Garden
  7. Texas Motor Speedway
  8. Omni Theater
  9. Trinity Park
  10. Stage West Theatre
  11. Casa Mañana Theater
  12. The Secret Chambers Escape Challenge
  13. Eagle Mountain Park
  14. Martin House Brewery
  15. The Capital Grille
  16. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
  17. Bob’s Steak & Chop House – Fort Worth
  18. Klyde Warren Park
  19. Nasher Sculpture Center
  20. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
  21. Bullion
  22. Bass Performance Hall

1. Fort Worth Water Gardens

Address: 1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: (817) 392-7111

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Dive into the tranquility of the Fort Worth Water Gardens, an oasis of calm featuring beautiful water features. Ideal for a stroll or a quiet escape, this spot is perfect for couples seeking serenity.

  • Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am – 10 pm
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Self-guided tours are available.

2. White Rock Lake

Address: 8300 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

Phone: (214) 660-1100

White Rock Lake

Experience the tranquility of White Rock Lake, an idyllic retreat for couples searching for a perfect balance between nature and recreational activities. 

This lake offers a perfect setting for a romantic day out, with its stunning views and abundant outdoor activities. 

White Rock Lake provides a tranquil escape, whether you enjoy strolls along the lakeside trails, peaceful picnics with scenic views, or outdoor activities such as kayaking or cycling. 

This place’s serene atmosphere and breathtaking beauty make it an ideal destination for couples to relax, bond, and make lasting memories amidst a picturesque and romantic setting.

  • Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride around the lake, or rent a paddleboard for a more adventurous date.

3. Kimbell Art Museum

Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Phone: (817) 332-8451

Kimbell Art Museum

Immerse yourself in a captivating cultural experience at the Kimbell Art Museum, located in the vibrant heart of Fort Worth. This museum is a haven for art enthusiasts and couples who appreciate sophistication. 

It invites you to immerse yourselves in art and culture fully. Immerse yourself in the rich and varied collections that feature masterpieces from different periods and styles, all set within the museum’s elegant architectural surroundings. 

A trip to the Kimbell Art Museum offers a delightful and intellectually enriching experience. 

It provides an opportunity to appreciate art’s beauty and cultural importance, allowing you to create enduring memories in an atmosphere of charm and sophistication.

  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Explore the museum’s extensive collection, attend guided tours, and participate in art workshops together.

4. Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

Address: 131 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164 

Phone: (817) 625-9715

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the Old West at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. 

The iconic area offers a delightful combination of history, entertainment, and a distinctive atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for couples searching for a unique experience. 

Experience the awe-inspiring sight of daily cattle drives, delve into Western-themed shops, and fully immerse yourselves in the vibrant cultural heritage of the Old West. 

The Fort Worth Stockyards provide a romantic and nostalgic setting where couples can enjoy leisurely walks along cobblestone streets and immerse themselves in the genuine atmosphere of this historic district. 

The Fort Worth Stockyards offer a memorable setting for couples to create lasting memories together, whether enjoying a Western show, indulging in local cuisine, or simply basking in the charm of the surroundings.

  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Attend a cattle drive, explore western shops, and enjoy live music at one of the district’s venues.

5. Sundance Square

Address: 420 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Phone: (817) 255-5700

Sundance Square

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of downtown Fort Worth by venturing into the heart of Sundance Square. 

This bustling urban district provides a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a vibrant and energetic city experience. 

Indulge in the delightful atmosphere of the charming streets, where you can leisurely explore and uncover a variety of boutique shops. Indulge in a delightful culinary adventure and explore the diverse food scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. 

The square is filled with a vibrant atmosphere, bustling with street performers and cultural events, making it an ideal place for a memorable outing. 

Sundance Square offers couples the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Fort Worth. 

Whether indulging in a romantic dinner, attending a live performance, or simply basking in the city’s energy, Sundance Square provides an ideal setting for couples to experience fully all the area has to offer.

  • Hours: Varies by establishment
  • Happy Hours: Check individual venues for specials
  • Service Options: Indulge in a romantic dinner, catch a live performance, or simply stroll through the charming square hand in hand.

6. Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Address: 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Phone: (817) 392-5510

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

Indulge in a tranquil retreat with your partner at the Fort Worth Japanese Garden, a hidden gem within the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. 

This enchanting destination provides couples a serene retreat, surrounded by meticulously manicured landscapes, ponds brimming with vibrant koi fish, and genuine Japanese architecture. 

Take a leisurely walk, holding hands, along the winding paths adorned with vibrant flowers. Explore secluded areas where you can pause and reflect beside the peaceful ponds. 

Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere that permeates the garden. The Fort Worth Japanese Garden offers couples a serene and picturesque destination to enjoy a peaceful and enchanting environment. 

It provides a beautiful setting amidst nature, allowing them to create lasting memories together.

  • Hours: Monday-Sunday: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Enjoy a peaceful stroll, partake in seasonal events, or capture picturesque moments in this oasis of calm.

7. Texas Motor Speedway

Address: 3545 Lone Star Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76177 

Phone: (817) 215-8500

Texas Motor Speedway

The Texas Motor Speedway is a thrilling destination for couples seeking an adrenaline rush. The Texas Motor Speedway, situated just north of Fort Worth, is a thrilling destination ideal for couples searching for an adrenaline rush. 

The race track, renowned for its iconic status, offers various events that promise an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for couples searching for adventure. 

The Texas Motor Speedway provides an exciting atmosphere for couples searching for a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping adventure. 

This venue offers many options for those interested in high-speed races, attending motorsports events, or even participating in driving experiences. 

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure that combines a passion for motorsports with the thrill of powerful engines and high speeds. Experience the exhilaration and adrenaline rush of being right amid all the action.

  • Hours: Varies by event
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Attend a NASCAR race, experience driving programs, or take a guided tour of the impressive facility.

8. Omni Theater

Address: 1600 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Phone: (817) 255-9300

Omni Theater

Immerse yourself in the magical world of cinema at the Omni Theatre, conveniently situated within the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. 

The dome-shaped theatre offers a unique and captivating experience for couples interested in immersive films and educational adventures. 

The Omni Theatre provides a unique cinematic experience combining cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals. 

Whether diving into the mysteries of the universe, exploring the ocean’s depths, or embarking on thrilling adventures, the Omni Theatre guarantees an unforgettable experience. 

The Omni Theatre is the perfect destination for couples who share a love for both entertainment and education. It provides a delightful combination of wonder and exploration within a visually stunning and immersive environment.

  • Hours: Varies by Showtime
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Explore awe-inspiring documentaries or catch a feature film, and afterward, wander through the museum’s exhibits hand in hand.

9. Trinity Park

Address: 2401 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Phone: (817) 392-5700

Trinity Park

Trinity Park is a serene getaway, ideal for couples who appreciate the splendor of the natural world. 

Situated next to the serene shores of the Trinity River, this expansive and picturesque park provides a haven for individuals who appreciate outdoor pursuits. 

Trinity Park offers a beautiful backdrop for a romantic day spent outdoors. Its scenic trails, charming picnic areas, and peaceful atmosphere create the perfect setting. 

The park provides an ideal escape for couples who have a passion for nature and desire to bond with one another in a peaceful outdoor environment. 

Whether you are strolling hand in hand along the riverbanks, discovering hidden pathways, or enjoying a leisurely picnic amidst the stunning natural beauty, this park offers a perfect and peaceful getaway.

  • Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Walk or bike along the Trinity Trails, enjoy a peaceful picnic, or rent a paddleboat for a charming water adventure.

10. Stage West Theatre

Address: 821 W Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76104 

Phone: (817) 784-9378

Stage West Theatre

At Stage West Theatre, you may completely immerse yourself in the enthralling world of live theatre. The bustling Cultural District of Fort Worth is home to this tiny venue, which offers a more private setting. 

This theatre has been meticulously crafted to provide a magical atmosphere. It is the ideal location for romantic partners to enjoy performances and bond over their shared appreciation for the arts. 

Plays that provoke thinking, musicals that get the audience up and moving, and stage shows that are up close and personal are all things that may be seen at Stage West Theatre. 

This diversity guarantees that there is something to fit every taste, which allows couples to come together and participate in the magic of live performances since there is something for everyone. 

Your trips will be elevated to a higher level of elegance by the presence of this venue, which is located in the thriving Cultural District. 

It gives you and your significant other a chance to participate entirely in artistic endeavors and to make memories that will stay with you forever. 

The atmosphere encourages communal respect for the arts and recognizes the value of creative expression.

  • Hours: Varies by showtime
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Book tickets for a theatrical production, attend special events, or participate in acting workshops together.

11. Casa Mañana Theater

Address: 3101 W Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107 

Phone: (817) 332-2272

Casa Mañana Theater

The world-famous Casa Maana Theatre, which can be found in the heart of Fort Worth’s buzzing Cultural District, is the perfect place to enjoy the magic of live plays and musicals. 

This renowned theatre provides opportunities for couples to get completely engrossed in the majesty and attractiveness of the stage, allowing them to create captivating memories in an environment bursting with the pulsating energy of live performances. 

The Casa Maana Theatre provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for couples looking for the magic that can be found in the performing arts. 

This might be in the shape of a Broadway-style musical, a compelling play, or a colorful show. 

Immersing yourself in the mesmerizing world of theatre at this famous location is a great way to make date evenings and other special events even more memorable.

  • Hours: Varies by showtime
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Attend a Broadway-style show, enjoy dinner and show packages, or participate in behind-the-scenes tours.

12. The Secret Chambers Escape Challenge

Address: 2401 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067 

Phone: (972) 315-0811

The Secret Chambers Escape Challenge

Participating in The Secret Chambers Escape Challenge with your lover will give you a fantastic experience. 

This escape room facility, which can be found in the neighboring city of Lewisville, provides an experience that is both exhilarating and immersive. 

Although it is not physically situated in Fort Worth, this place provides an interactive and taxing experience ideal for couples looking for an original and exciting way to spend a date night. 

Enter a gripping universe entire of mystery and intrigue, where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and make your way through elaborately created situations. 

Immerse yourself in this world by playing Escape the Room. The Secret Chambers allows couples to put their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration to the test in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere. 

Consider going to Lewisville and engaging in the exhilarating activity known as The Secret Chambers Escape Challenge if you want to have a date night that is both one of a kind and one that will stick with you for a lifetime.

  • Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Choose from various themed escape rooms, each offering a different puzzle-solving challenge.

13. Eagle Mountain Park

Address: 11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76179 

Phone: (817) 335-2491

Eagle Mountain Park

Discover the extraordinary natural splendor of Eagle Mountain Park. This truly hidden treasure is ideal for couples who have a strong respect for the great outdoors and want to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors. 

This park, which is close to Fort Worth, has a lovely setting with scenic pathways, breathtaking vistas, and great possibilities for birding. It offers the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and refreshing time spent together. 

Couples who want to strengthen their connection to one another while basking in the splendor of nature may do so in the tranquil setting provided by Eagle Mountain Park.

This park is the ideal location for any romantic excursion, whether you want to take a romantic walk along the paths, lose yourself in the serenity of your surroundings, or just have a tranquil picnic with the natural environment as a background. 

On a date that is sure to be exciting and relaxing, consider going on an excursion where you can enjoy the thrill of discovery and the refreshing embrace of nature.

  • Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Hike the trails, enjoy a picnic with a view, or capture the sunset from one of the park’s scenic overlooks.

14. Martin House Brewery

Address: 220 S Sylvania Ave #209, Fort Worth, TX 76111 

Phone: (817) 222-0177

Martin House Brewery

Martin House Brewery is a popular location for beer lovers in the Fort Worth area, and with good reason. Here, you can taste the thriving local craft beer culture. 

This brewery, which can be found in the middle of the city, has a peaceful ambiance, a diverse selection of beers, and a unique ambiance, making it the ideal choice for couples looking for a savory and relaxing date night experience. 

Indulge in a beautiful date night while savoring the chance to experience a selection of one-of-a-kind flavors and immersing yourself in the laid-back and enchanting ambiance that Martin House Brewery provides to the thriving beer scene in Fort Worth. 

  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Take a brewery tour, sample a flight of beers, and unwind in the brewery’s outdoor seating area.

15. The Capital Grille

Address: 800 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Phone: (817) 348-9200

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille, which can be found in the heart of Fort Worth’s lively downtown district, may provide an air of refined sophistication to your dining experience. 

This luxury restaurant exemplifies refinement by delivering a classy atmosphere, a menu full of mouthwatering dishes, and service that is second to none. It is ideal for a night out on the town with your significant other. 

The Capital Grille provides a lovely experience for couples, whether you are savoring steaks that have been masterfully cooked, indulging in beautiful wines, or just appreciating the opulent atmosphere. 

This is true whether you enjoy the steaks, the wines, or the environment. Our mission is to provide a gastronomic adventure that enthralls the senses and produces a genuinely unforgettable ambiance. 

In the heart of Fort Worth, indulge in the art of fine dining and savor a romantic evening filled with delicious flavors and personal moments at a restaurant that is known for its impeccable service.

  • Happy Hours: Monday-Friday: 3 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Service Options: Reserve a table for an intimate dinner, explore the extensive wine list, and savor premium steaks and seafood.

16. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Address: 812 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Phone: (817) 877-3999

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, which is a well-known business that can be found in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, offers guests an exceptional dining experience that cannot be matched by any other. 

The upmarket restaurant radiates refinement with its sumptuous setting, vast wine selection, and quality slices of steak that are certain to satisfy the palette. 

Since Del Frisco cultivates an opulent ambiance and places a strong emphasis on the quality of its cuisine, this establishment is an ideal location for a date night that is both romantic and indulgent. 

In the center of Fort Worth, this steakhouse provides the ideal ambiance for romantic couples to enjoy an unforgettable and sophisticated meal together in an upmarket setting. 

This business has everything you need for a night to remember, whether you’re interested in drinking beautiful wines, savoring the exquisite tastes of well-prepared food, or just appreciating the elegant atmosphere.

  • Happy Hours: Monday-Friday: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Service Options: Reserve a candlelit table, enjoy a sommelier-curated wine pairing, and savor the exquisite flavors of premium steaks.

17. Bob’s Steak & Chop House – Fort Worth

Address: 1300 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Phone: (817) 350-4100

Bob's Steak and Chop House

Bob’s Steak & Chop House is a culinary gem found in the middle of downtown Fort Worth. Visit this establishment to enjoy the classic appeal it has to offer. 

The restaurant offers a classic setting, outstanding service, and delicious steaks, all creating an elegant but cozy environment that promises a beautiful dining experience. 

In addition, the restaurant is located in a historic building. 

Whether relishing in the rich taste of beautifully prepared steaks, savoring the exquisite service, or enjoying the welcoming settings, couples can enjoy the ideal setting for a stylish and unforgettable evening at Bob’s Steak & Chop House. 

Indulge yourself in a world of culinary artistry and timeless elegance, where painstaking care is paid to every element, ensuring an excellent and refined dining experience in the heart of Fort Worth’s thriving downtown.

  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Indulge in prime cuts of beef, enjoy a variety of sides, and savor a selection from their impressive wine list.

18. Klyde Warren Park

Address: 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 716-4500

Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is a charming place that is ideally situated only a short drive away from Fort Worth in Dallas, and it is here that you can find the vibrant urban refuge known as Klyde Warren Park. 

This park is a lively and bustling location that blends open areas with food trucks and cultural events. It’s a great place to hang out. It is the perfect option for couples who want to have a unique and pleasurable encounter. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a stroll across the wonderfully kept lawns of Klyde Warren Park, eating a picnic from one of the food trucks, or immersing yourself in one of the many different cultural events that are held there; the park provides a lively and exciting environment. 

This park is well worth the short travel for couples looking to enjoy a bustling metropolitan atmosphere that combines leisure and cultural discovery. Although it is situated after some time in Fort Worth, it is worth the drive.

  • Hours: Open daily from 6 am – 11 pm
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Enjoy a picnic on the lawn, participate in yoga classes, or explore the various food options from the park’s food trucks.

19. Nasher Sculpture Center

Address: 2001 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 242-5100

Nasher Sculpture Center

You may go on an enthralling journey through the universe of creative miracles at the Nasher Sculpture Centre, a genuine cultural jewel tucked away in the busy Dallas-Fort Worth region. 

This facility is well worth a visit even though it is not situated inside the city limits of Fort Worth. It provides couples with an experience that is both enriching and artistically spectacular, making it ideal for a date night. 

It offers a unique blend of interior and outdoor art pieces. 

Whether roaming around the beautifully planted outdoor sculpture garden or visiting the selected inside galleries, couples will find the Nasher Sculpture Centre to be a stimulating location to appreciate the beauty and variety of modern sculpture. 

Indulge in the world of art and culture while letting the Nasher Sculpture Centre serve as the backdrop for a date bursting with ideas and originality.

  • Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm – Closed on Monday
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Wander through the sculpture garden, attend gallery talks, or immerse yourselves in contemporary art.

20. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Address: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093

Phone: (972) 941-7250

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbour Hills Nature Preserve is a tranquil refuge near Fort Worth in Plano. Visitors may enjoy the peace of this natural area. 

This expansive preserve provides couples various outdoor activities such as hiking, birding, and bicycling, making it the perfect backdrop for an invigorating date and physically demanding. 

The Arbour Hills Nature Preserve offers a serene escape into the natural world, where visitors may explore paths that are kept in good condition, take a relaxing bike ride among the breathtaking natural scenery, and even see birds that are native to the area. 

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the outdoors, where you may create memories that will last a lifetime and bathe in the revitalizing atmosphere of this peaceful and exciting natural haven. 

It is the ideal location for a date since it perfectly balances calmness and excitement.

  • Hours: Open daily from 5 am – 11 pm
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Explore the trails, picnic by the pond, or try geocaching for a playful adventure.

21. Bullion

Address: 400 S Record St, Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: (972) 698-4250


In the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region, the elite restaurant known as Bullion offers diners the opportunity to partake in the pinnacle of gastronomic achievement. 

Even though it is not physically situated in Fort Worth, the restaurant Bullion has a refined ambiance, serves gourmet food, and has an extensive wine selection; thus, it is the ideal location for a memorable and classy dining experience. 

Whether enjoying the beautifully prepared delicacies, appreciating the exquisite environment, or exploring the lovingly designed wine selection, couples who dine at Bullion can experience the ideal setting for a classy and unforgettable evening. 

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Bullion is the place for a sophisticated and unique dining experience. 

  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Friday-Saturday: 5:30 pm – 10 pm
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Indulge in French-inspired cuisine, enjoy a curated wine pairing, and savor a dessert crafted by the restaurant’s skilled pastry chefs.

22. Bass Performance Hall

Address: 525 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Phone: (817) 212-4200 

Bass Performance Hall

Experience a captivating journey into the performing arts world at Bass Performance Hall, where you will discover many enriching cultural experiences. 

Whether it’s the captivating allure of Broadway shows or the enchanting melodies of symphony concerts, this venue provides couples who share a love for culture with the ideal setting for a truly enchanting evening.

Experience the enchantment of live performances, where the perfect blend of artistic brilliance and a magnificent venue come together to create an atmosphere filled with romance and a sense of collective admiration. 

Bass Performance Hall is a cultural gem that invites couples to create lasting memories in the captivating allure of the performing arts.

  • Hours: Varies by event
  • Happy Hours: N/A
  • Service Options: Check the event schedule for specific details.


In conclusion, Fort Worth, Texas, offers couples a diverse range of things to do in Fort Worth for couples, providing a perfect blend of romance, adventure, and cultural exploration. 

As you plan your next romantic outing, consider each location’s unique offerings and tailor your experiences to suit your shared interests. 

Fort Worth’s charm lies in its attractions and the collective tapestry of experiences it weaves for couples seeking to enrich their relationships. So, whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, let Fort Worth be the canvas for your next romantic adventure to enjoy the best things to do in Fort Worth for couples.

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