Houston Airport Restaurants

Discovering a culinary oasis amidst the bustling terminals is a delightful surprise for travelers passing through Houston’s William P. Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental airports. From tantalizing Tex-Mex flavors to classic barbeque bites, these airports boast a selection of some of the city’s best for food enthusiasts on the go.

Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH)

Here is the list of the IAH Restaurants for dining your culinary delights.

  1. Breakfast Klub
  2. 3rd Bar Eating House
  3. Pala
  4. Ember
  5. Hugos Cocina
  6. Q

1. The Breakfast Klub

Terminal: A

This traditional Southern breakfast joint is well-known and loved in Houston, so it’s only natural that they placed one in Intercontinental. The Wings and Waffles, and other comfort food classics are sure to soothe your airport stress.

The Breakfast Klub

2. 3rd Bar Eating House

Terminal: B

The classy and contemporary design of this restaurant/bar in Terminal B will make you forget you’re even in an airport. They have oysters if you’re craving seafood and fresh salads for a lighter fare.

3rd Bar Eating House 

3. Pala

Terminal: C

Pala in Terminal C serves up generously portioned pizzas that will keep you full for a long flight. And the tiramisu is the perfect sweet treat to tide over your sweet tooth for the rest of your travel day.


4. Ember

Terminal: C

You can get a decent, albeit pricey, meal at this sophisticated spot with an open kitchen in Terminal C. There is lots of seating, so if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to get work done while you grab a bite, Ember could be your answer.


5. Hugos Cocina

Terminal: D

This upscale Mexican establishment is the only true restaurant atmosphere in Terminal D. Hugo’s at Intercontinental is known for serving up tasty, hot food that rivals non-airport fare. Try the chicken taquitos or huevos rancheros and prepare to be impressed!

Hugos Cocina

6. Q

Terminal: E

Q in Terminal E aims to please with its classic Southern barbecue dishes. Their brisket is tender and juicy, and the service is equally impressive.


Hobby Airport

1. Gastrohub Bistro and Bar

Gate: 41

Grab some good ole chicken tenders or a burger with fries at Gastrohub at Gate 41. They’ve got plenty of other tasty options as well, including French toast and chicken nachos.

Gastrohub Bistro and Bar 

2. Pink’s Pizza

Gate: 21

Pink’s at gate 21 is the best slice you can find in Hobby Airport. They’ll get it to you quickly, so if you’re in a rush, you can still stop by to ward off hangry-ness during your travel day.

Pink’s Pizza

3. Hubcap Grill

Gate: 46

Many Houstonians are unhappy due to the well-loved Pappa’s restaurant being pushed out of Hobby, but its replacement, Hubcap Grill, is said to be just as good by those who have tried it. With a classic diner setting and menu, this spot is comforting to many dealing with travel stresses.

Hubcap Grill 


While there aren’t nearly as many food options at Hobby compared to Intercontinental, the airport has a ton of upcoming restaurants that will certainly excite and please. These include The Rustic, Common Bond Cafe, Yard House, and Dish Society – all well-known and loved Houston establishments. 

It may seem like good airport food may be few and far between. However, if you know where to look, you can satisfy your cravings and relieve your flight stress.

Eva Rogers

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