I Came Peached and Left Full at The Peached Tortilla.

Peached Tortilla represents a union between Georgia southern roots and Texas new beginnings. This food truck turned broken and mortar does Asian fusion so good you’ll be planning your next trip before you leave. This Brentwood neighborhood staple has become integrated into the neighborhood not just on the weekend, but during the week with some unbelievable specials. On Tuesday, you can grab a fusion style taco from barbecue pulled pork to Banh Mi. Wednesday offerings are a curated whiskey menu and umami fried chicken. Thursdays offer Ramen that are rotated weekly.

The Starters

I started my night with this refreshing Asian Pear Miso Salad. These greens were fairly simple, but the flavor profile was  bold. The cello and watermelon radish were very appealing to the eye, and came with a nice crunch along with the arugula mixed greens that added a hint of pepper. The miso-pear vinaigrette dressing was full of flavor. It really stuck out in the dish, but still light and airy. The fresher herbs really brightened up the salad, bringing it all together along with the garnished flaky salt. The flaky salt adds an addictive element to the greens. Something about the way it hit the roof of my mouth that I couldn’t stop eating the salad.

Mom’s Toast, this family staple with a twist, did not disappoint. The ground shrimp and pork were layered to perfection. The gochujang chili sauce was a beautiful pairing. Once again, the herbs showed up to the party, and they did not disappoint. Mint, Thai Basil,and Cilantro name a better trio.

Main Course

For the main course I enjoyed the Malaysian style chicken that was bathed in Malaysian paste just hours before being roasted, and based it in hot soy honey and topped with honey chili crisp. The jasmine rice, and the Chinese broccoli made this a complete meal that the whole table will enjoy.


I couldn’t think of a better nightcap than these Banana Nutella Spring Rolls.They come packed full of the flavor, and dusted to perfection. Don’t worry if you are filled to the brim there is always room for dessert. Try just eating one, but you will soon figure out that these crispy delights that burst in your mouth go down too easily. These are a guilt free dessert the whole table can enjoy.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in the neighborhood or not finding your way to the cozy neighborhood delight is a must no matter what day it is. There’s something for everyone from their curator menu to cocktails. as they say. It’s about coming Peached and leaving full.


Tuesday-Wednesday • 5pm-9pm
Thursday • 5pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday • 5pm-10:30pm
Sunday • 5pm-9pm
(Closed Monday)


Saturday • 10:30am-2:30pm
Sunday • 10:30am-2:30pm


5520 Burnet Rd, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78756

Texas Tasty Team

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