Best Things to Do in Fargo

Travelers come to Fargo from every corner of the globe to take in its beauty. The city has become known for its kind residents, extensive cultural legacy, and intense feeling of community.

Fargo welcomes visitors to explore its stunning landscape and intriguing sites as the seasons change, offering a fresh assortment of activities.

We’ll walk you through the Top 10 Activities in Fargo, Texas. These well-selected events highlight the diversity of cultures and ethnicities in the city. 

Every location in Fargo has different sights, sounds, and tastes, from sweet delicacies at the Red River Market to thrilling animal encounters at the Red River Zoo. This makes it an excellent spot to explore.

List of 10 Top Things to Do in Fargo 

  1. Red River Market
  2. Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center
  3. Red River Zoo
  4. Drekker Brewing Company
  5. Roger Maris Museum
  6. Newman Outdoor Field
  7. North Dakota State University
  8. Fargo Air Museum
  9. West Acres Shopping Center
  10. Fargodome

1. Red River Market

Address: 201 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: NA 

Red River Market

The city’s energetic vibe is celebrated each week at the Red River Market in the center of Fargo. It’s a delightful and aesthetically pleasing treat rather than merely a market. As soon as you enter this bustling region, you may relax and take in a singular experience demonstrating how close-knit the Fargo people are to one another.

The Red River Market opens once a week during harvest season and gets busy, with handmade goods and other local products being the main draws. It’s a vibrant event that brings locals together for purposes beyond shopping; it’s more than simply a market. 

The booths are brimming with distinctive handmade goods that tell a tale about Fargo’s artistic heritage, and the air smells like freshly made cuisine. Fresh produce from the farm and handcrafted items showcasing the distinctive talents developing in the region are just a few of the things that farmers and artists in Fargo are pleased to showcase. 

The celebration honors ecology, innovation, and the toil of those contributing to the city’s cultural landscape. There’s more to a stroll through the market than simply shopping. You may also enjoy the atmosphere of Fargo’s agricultural and artistic scenes, converse with the vendors, and learn where the items originate from. 

Conversation between vendors transforms the market into a vibrant, multicolored space with a strong feeling of community.

2. Fargo-Moorhead

Address: Multiple 

Phone: NA 


Fargo-Moorhead offers an energetic dual-city experience that skillfully blends innovation and heritage. In Fargo, the vibrant pulse of city life is palpable. The contemporary structures that pepper the cityscape represent innovation and development. 

The Red River Market and Drekker Brewing Company contribute to the city’s contemporary vibe. At the same time, the Roger Maris Museum and other nearby cultural icons pay tribute to the city’s rich past. As you cross the Red River into Moorhead, the atmosphere becomes peaceful. 

Whether interested in the vibrant city life of Fargo or the serene academic beauty of Moorhead, visitors will discover a seamless blend of history and contemporary in Fargo-Moorhead. 

Everyone may take in the distinctive qualities of each city on this cross-state excursion, as well as the beauty that results from the union of two cities to become Fargo-Moorhead.

3. Red River Zoo

Address: 4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo, ND 58104, USA

Phone: +1 701-277-9240

Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo is in the middle of Fargo, North Dakota. It’s not just a place to visit; it’s an exciting adventure into the world of animals. This beautiful zoo, which covers over 34 acres, is a favorite spot for people of all ages because it combines protection, education, and fun.

The Red River Zoo’s realistic displays let you get close to various domestic and wild animals. You can walk through green landscapes, check out the monkey displays, and watch big cats roam freely in their large environments. Each show is carefully made to look like the animals’ natural habitats, giving visitors a look into how they live and behave.

The Red River Zoo is a great place to learn; seeing rare and endangered animals is a big part of the fun. Take part in interactive programs, listen to keeper talks, and go to events that help you learn more about protecting wildlife. The zoo is committed to teaching people of all ages, which makes it an excellent place for families, school groups, and people who love animals.

The Red River Zoo is more than just a place to see animals; it also helps protect wildlife. The zoo works with world conservation programs to protect rare species and their natural environments. It does this through several different projects and relationships.

So many exciting sights and sounds at the Red River Zoo celebrate the variety of animals. You can be mesmerized by the fun river otters, amazed by the mighty Amur tigers, or introduced to the fascinating world of snakes. 

The Red River Zoo in Fargo shows how much the city cares about protecting wildlife and gives visitors a unique trip into the wild heart of North Dakota.

4. Drekker Brewing Company

Address: 1666 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-532-0506

Drekker Brewing Company

The Drekker Brewing Company is more than just a brewery in the middle of Fargo, North Dakota. It’s a place where people come together to be creative and enjoy great craft beer. Drekker is an integral part of Fargo’s lively arts and culture scene. It all started with a love for brewing and a desire to connect people.

The Drekker Company is dedicated to the art of making. Drekker is known for having a wide range of new and exciting beers. Their flavors are constantly being pushed, and they have beers for experienced beer drinkers and people new to the craft scene. Each beer is a work of art, from IPAs with lots of hops to stouts with lots of malt.

Drekker is more than just a great place to drink beer; it’s also a place where people from the neighborhood can get together. With its shared tables and bright artwork, the brewery creates a friendly space where strangers, friends, and family can get together to share experiences. People laugh and talk loudly in this room while their glasses clink together.

Drekker Brewing Company is proud to be the heart of Fargo’s arts and culture. A constantly changing entertainment schedule includes regular events like quiz nights and live music shows. The brewery’s dedication to having events goes beyond beer. This helps Fargo’s image as a city that values imagination and community.

Drekker works with local artists and businesses as part of his community ties. The brewery often works with local artists to make eye-catching art and has pop-up events with local artists. The fact that Drekker is so dedicated to helping the local scene shows how much he believes in working together.

5. Roger Maris Museum

Address: 3902 13th Ave S #3717, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Phone: +1 701-282-2222

Roger Maris Museum

The Roger Maris Museum is a tribute to one of baseball’s most famous players. Dedicated to Roger Maris, the famous player who changed baseball forever, this museum is more than just a collection of artifacts. It’s a trip through the golden age of baseball and Roger Maris’s lasting impact.

When you walk into the Roger Maris Museum, you’ll be taken back to a time when baseball fans all over the country were crazy about the game. The museum’s displays show the sport’s rich history by showing souvenirs, objects, and stories about Roger Maris’s life and work.

The museum’s carefully chosen collection contains Roger Maris artifacts, such as baseballs, game-worn shirts, and other personal things. Each item tells a story of his drive, greatness, and love for America’s sport, from his early years as a young player to the peak of his career.

Interactive screens that bring baseball history to life will immerse you in the world of baseball history. Maris’s record-breaking 61st home run in 1961 will thrill you. This event will go down as a turning point in baseball history. The video shows at the museum make learning about Maris’s life exciting and fun.

Beyond the memories and energy, the Roger Maris Museum is also where baseball fans and people just starting to play can learn a lot. Learn about how the game has changed, players’ difficulties, and the effects of famous events like Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle’s historic home run race.

6. Newman Outdoor Field

Address: 1515 15th Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-235-6161

Newman Outdoor Field

Newman Outdoor Field is in the middle of Fargo, North Dakota. It shows how much the city loves sports and live events. This field is where the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks play baseball, but it’s also a lively place where community members get together to enjoy sports, friendship, and the thrill of the game.

Newman Outdoor Field is a name that comes to mind when you think of live sports, especially minor-league baseball. The stadium is where the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks play their home games.

It is filled with the cheers of fans, the bat hitting the ball, and the excitement of seeing top athletes perform on the field. The RedHawks’ games are more than just sports events; they’re a way for the community to celebrate working together and competing.

Walking into the stadium, you’ll feel a lively atmosphere beyond the playing field. Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or just want to watch a game, Newman Outdoor Field has a friendly atmosphere where everyone loves the game. The friendships between fans make every inning even more exciting.

Newman Outdoor Field wants to give visitors more than just the thrill of the game. They also want to have experiences they will never forget. The stadium has special nights, events, and fun things for families to do, so every visit isn’t just about the score but about making experiences that will last a lifetime.

7. North Dakota State University

Address: 1340 Administration Ave, Fargo, ND 58105, USA

Phone: +1 701-231-8011

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University (NDSU) is a shining example of education, creativity, and community. It is right in the middle of Fargo. NDSU has a large campus that combines technology with academic history. It is a lively place where students, teachers, and community members can learn, explore, and shape the future.

The NDSU campus has lively student groups, academic programs, and cultural events. Every part of the site, from the classroom buildings to the study facilities, shows a dedication to intellectual success. The school has a strong sense of community because of the active atmosphere, and students do many things outside of school.

NDSU is a culture hub that hosts many events that honor the arts, writing, and ethnic variety. Performances, art shows, and talks happen on campus all the time, adding to Fargo’s cultural fabric. These events add to the academic conversation and give people in the community chances to be intellectually and artistically involved.

NDSU is known for its excellent academic programs covering various subjects like business, healthcare, engineering, and agriculture. Students at this university get both academic knowledge and valuable skills that are highly valued in the professional world. This is because the university is dedicated to cutting-edge research and hands-on learning.

8. Fargo Air Museum

Address: 1609 19th Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-293-8043

Fargo Air Museum

The Fargo Air Museum is in the middle of Fargo, North Dakota. It’s an excellent place for flying and history fans alike. This museum takes people on a fascinating trip through the skies of history with its collection of old planes, exciting displays, and dedication to saving the history of flight.

The museum’s fleet of planes, from famous World War II bombers to sleek modern jets, shows how flight has changed. Each plane has a story that shows how technology has changed and how vital flying has been in the past.

The museum’s displays that you can interact with bring the world of flight to life. People can look at models of cockpits, interact with hands-on displays, and learn about how airplanes fly. These exhibits are suitable for experienced flight fans and people just interested in learning more about the science and physics behind flying.

9. West Acres Shopping Centre

Address: 3902 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Phone: +1 701-282-2222

West Acres Shopping Centre

In the middle of Fargo, North Dakota, lies the West Acres Shopping Centre. It’s not just a mall; it’s a busy place where people shop, eat, and get involved in the community. With a mix of national names and small, local shops, West Acres provides a buying experience beyond transactions. It creates a lively and welcoming environment for people of all ages.

The halls of West Acres are a shopper’s dream. The shopping center has a lot of different kinds of stores, from well-known national chains to one-of-a-kind neighborhood shops. West Acres has something for everyone, whether looking for the newest clothes, home decor, or unique things.

One of the great things about West Acres is that it supports small companies. You can find unique items and handmade gifts in the mall in local stores and specialty shops. This support for local businesses is one of the things that makes West Acres unique.

10. Fargodome

Address: 1800 N University Dr, Fargo, ND 58102, USA

Phone: +1 701-241-9100


Located in the middle of Fargo, North Dakota, the Fargodome is a famous event place beyond what you might expect. It’s a cultural landmark that makes Fargo’s entertainment scene more lively. The Fargodome is where exciting shows, sports events, and community parties happen.

The huge Fargodome is where big concerts with famous artists, exciting sports games, family shows, and community get-togethers occur. Because it is flexible, the area can be changed to fit the needs of a wide range of local and national events.

The Fargodome is one of the best places to see shows, and some of the biggest names in music have played there. People who go to concerts enjoy the magic of live acts in a setting that sounds great and looks great. The Fargodome’s dedication to bringing different types of music to the area creates a cultural mix of fun for the people of Fargo.

The Fargodome is a home for sports fans because it hosts exciting games that get the city going. The stadium-style seats and cutting-edge facilities at the Fargodome make it an exciting place for fans to cheer on their favorite teams, whether it’s a high-stakes college football game or a high-stakes wrestling match.


Our virtual trip through Fargo, Texas, is almost over. This is a busy place with lots to see and do. You can find a lot of tasty food at the Red River Market. Every place you go in Fargo adds to its own story.

There are many fun and relaxing things to do in Fargo, so there is something for everyone. There are a lot of different choices, from the loud Fargodome to the quiet Newman Outdoor Field. 

Visit the area, learn about its rich cultural past, and eat delicious food in Fargo to make experiences that will last a lifetime.

You should see, do, and enjoy everything Fargo offers when you go there. Your trip will be unique thanks to the city’s many fun things to do and friendly people.