Best Things to Do in Houston

There is a lot of vitality and diversity in Houston, Texas, a city full of energy. It is generally acknowledged that Houston has made a considerable contribution to the exploration of space, a feat that has made it an excellent emblem of human achievement. 

Aside from its association with NASA, what distinguishes Houston as a city of primary significance? Visitors are captivated by Houston’s ability to combine modernity with history, which can be seen in everything from the city’s cultural wealth to its bustling culinary scene. 

Depending on the time of year, this dynamic city offers a variety of different opportunities for outdoor adventure. 

Whether you are attracted to the spring blossoms in Hermann Park or the snug winter charm of Candlelight Concerts, Houston invites you to explore its delights throughout the year.

List of 14 Top Things to Do in Houston

Below are the top fourteen things to do in Houston:

  1. Nasa’s Space Center Admission
  2. Houston Buffalo Bayou Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals
  3. Underground Tunnels
  4. Escape Room
  5. Toyota Center
  6. Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  7. Houston Aquarium
  8. Hermann Park
  9. Houston Graffiti Building
  10. Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus
  11. Minute Maid Park
  12. Galveston 
  13. Candlelight Concerts
  14. Ride A Horse

1. Nasa’s Space Center Admission

Address: 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058, United States

Phone: +1 281-244-2100

Nasa's Space Center Admission

Explore the awe-inspiring mysteries of space by visiting the Space Center of the United States of America in Houston. It is a monument to humanity’s unending ambition to explore the universe, and this renowned attraction acts as a testament. 

When guests enter a world filled with immersive exhibitions, they are met with an intriguing and immersive experience. 

Artifacts and interactive displays that reflect the incredible triumphs and challenges encountered in space exploration are shown in these exhibitions, leaving visitors in amazement.

The exhibits show the incredible story of human creativity, courage, and curiosity. Beginning with the early days of the Mercury and Apollo missions and ending with the astounding accomplishments of the International Space Station, each display recounts the story. 

A visit to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Space Center is an eye-opening and informative experience that amazes you. 

A feeling of awe about our position in the cosmos will be sparked inside you due to the experience, regardless of whether you see vintage spacecraft or participate in simulated space missions.

2. Houston Buffalo Bayou Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

Address: 333 S Jensen Dr, Houston, TX 77003, United States

Phone: +1 832-305-5794

Houston Buffalo Bayou Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

If you are seeking an outdoor experience in the middle of the city, Buffalo Bayou kayaking offers a perspective of Houston that is both unique and exhilarating. Paddleboards and kayaks are available for rent in Houston. 

While paddling around the winding rivers of Buffalo Bayou, you will fully appreciate the bayou’s tranquil beauty, with the city’s breathtaking skyline serving as a lovely background. 

This tour gives more than just a chance to get away from the city physically; it also delivers a peaceful experience that enables you to connect with nature in the middle of the metropolis. 

Kayak and paddleboard rentals along Buffalo Bayou provide a fantastic chance to explore Houston’s waterways at your own pace, regardless of whether you are an experienced paddler or a first-time explorer. 

These rentals are accessible along Buffalo Bayou. This allows you to make memories that will last a lifetime among the serene and scenic scenery.

3. Underground Tunnels

Address: 909 Fannin St #1650, Houston, TX 77010, United States

Phone: +1 713-650-3022

Underground Tunnels

By going on an expedition to the city’s underground tunnels, you will be able to uncover a secret world under the bustling streets of Houston. The complex network produces an underground metropolis home to a broad mix of stores, eateries, and attractions. 

You will come across various shops and leisure options through this underground maze. In addition to informal dining establishments and quaint boutiques, the tunnels provide various shopping opportunities. 

They provide the ideal escape from the sweltering heat of Texas because of the climate-controlled atmosphere that they give. 

Visitors to Houston can view the city from a new vantage point thanks to the underground tunnels, which provide a one-of-a-kind and surprising experience. At every opportunity, some surprises are just waiting to be found.

4. Escape Room

Address: 794 Sorella Ct #127, Houston, TX 77024, United States

Phone: +1 713-999-1496

Escape Room

If you want to experience the adrenaline escape room in Houston, you should immerse yourself in an exciting adventure and get in touch with your inner detective. 

The participants can participate in challenging puzzles, decipher sophisticated codes, and successfully interact to solve a riveting mystery within a certain amount of time. 

These themed locations are designed to present players with these opportunities. The notion of an escape room is a thrilling mix of mental agility and entertainment, which requires the participation of many people and the ability to think quickly on one’s feet. 

Escape rooms in Houston provide diverse themes, making them suitable for various interests. These themes include anything from historical mysteries to future scenarios. Because of this, there will always be a task accessible for everyone to take on. 

This immersive and interactive experience offers a fantastic journey that tests your problem-solving talents in an entertaining and intriguing atmosphere. It does not matter whether you are an expert escape artist or new to this activity.

5. Toyota Center

Address: 1510 Polk St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: +1 713-758-7200

Toyota Center

The Toyota Center is a well-known entertainment facility that may be found in Houston’s central business district. Located in the very center of the city, it offers an intriguing and immersive experience. 

As a result of its status as a leading venue for live events and concerts, it has evolved into a thriving cultural center that exudes energy. In addition to being equipped with cutting-edge technology, the venue can host diverse shows, including top-charting musical acts and exciting sports events. 

With its cutting-edge sound system and spectacular lighting, the Toyota Center ensures spectators have a memorable and immersive experience. 

Suppose you have a deep love for music or a passion for sports. In that case, the Toyota Center extends a warm welcome to you to enjoy the captivating performances of live entertainment at one of the most recognized locations in Houston. 

The Toyota Center is known for its dynamic environment and engaging performances.

6. Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Address: 5216 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006, United States

Phone: +1 713-284-8250

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

It is possible to completely immerse oneself in a world of creative expression and innovation by visiting the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. The inventive works that push the frontiers of what is possible and attract audiences are shown at this vibrant institution. 

Dedicated to displaying vibrant exhibitions that reflect the city’s devotion to modern art, this institution is committed to showcasing contemporary art. The cutting-edge exhibitions emphasize the institution’s commitment to being at the forefront of creative innovation. 

By displaying thought-provoking installations and avant-garde visual arts, the museum provides a platform for artists who are just starting and those who have already established themselves. 

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston invites all visitors to explore the dynamic and ever-changing world of contemporary art. The museum is located in Houston, Texas. 

We want to foster an open and exciting dialog between the community and the artists to achieve our goal. As you roam around the museum’s many galleries, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of contemporary innovation. 

Each exhibit exemplifies Houston’s dynamic and forward-thinking creative character, serving as a monument to the city’s ethos of being forward-thinking and energetic.

7. The Houston Aquarium

Address: 410 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: +1 713-223-3474

The Houston Aquarium

The Houston Aquarium provides guests an unforgettable experience by transporting them to a world filled with breathtaking aquatic treasures. 

This attraction is designed to appeal to guests of all ages and is ideal for families since it has exhibits and displays that are both interactive and interesting. 

With attractions such as underwater tunnels that enable up-close views of marine life and touch tanks that allow for hands-on encounters, the Houston Aquarium provides visitors with an informative and rich content experience. 

The varied variety of marine animals, including magnificent sharks and playful dolphins, is responsible for the fascinating environment produced and maintained. 

These persons interested in discovering the wonders of the aquatic world will find that the aquarium, conveniently situated in the middle of Houston, has live performances and educational programs in addition to its exhibits.

This creates an experience that is both compelling and engaging for those individuals.

8. Hermann Park

Address: 6001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030, United States

Phone: +1 713-526-2183

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is a verdant haven in the city’s heart that allows visitors to take in the splendor of every season. 

The park encompasses a vast area that harmoniously integrates aspects of the natural world, recreational opportunities, and cultural landmarks. 

With its colorful blossoms in the McGovern Centennial Gardens and tranquil reflections on McGovern Lake, Hermann Park provides a gorgeous respite away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The park offers various activities suitable for individuals of all ages, such as open areas, walking paths, and recreational amenities.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a pleasant stroll, a picnic by the lake, or a memorable paddleboat trip; there is something that everyone can take pleasure in. 

Hermann Park is not only a plain green place but much more than that. It is a haven for those living in Houston and those visiting the city, providing an opportunity to connect with nature and find peace despite the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

9. Houston Graffiti Building

Address: 2011 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003, United States

Phone: +1 409-245-3778

Houston Graffiti Building

When you go to the Houston Graffiti Building, you will have the opportunity to learn about the vibrant and expressive side of Houston’s art culture. 

The dynamic collection of street art, murals, and graffiti shown here is an homage to the city’s creative spirit, and it is constantly evolving. This facility, located in the heart of the busy downtown area, is an open-air gallery. 

It offers a venue for artists from all over the world, both domestic and foreign, to exhibit their work and contribute to the thriving urban scene. Houston’s dedication to encouraging creative expression in public settings is mirrored in the city’s lively street art community, which is constantly growing. 

Walking around this outdoor gallery, you will notice that each painting depicts a moment in time of the city’s cultural variety and honors creative freedom. These murals provide a unique and colorful addition to the urban landscape of Houston.

10. Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

Address: 1302 Dallas Street Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (832) 388-8434

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus allows passengers to take a tour of Houston’s most famous monuments in a manner that is both comprehensive and convenient, allowing them to get on and off the bus at their leisure. 

You will have the option to explore the city at your leisure while participating in this guided trip. You can enter and exit the vehicle at the predetermined stops to enjoy the sights that interest you. 

The bus trip provides a thorough view of Houston’s cultural, historical, and architectural highlights, including well-known sites and lesser-known jewels. 

The hop-on-hop-off bus provides a beautiful chance to see the various neighborhoods of Houston, regardless of whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time resident familiar with the city.

This bus trip offers a comprehensive and educational picture of the city and allows you to tailor your investigation to your interests and timetable. 

While having the liberty to construct your unique city tour, you can see the depth and variety of Houston’s attractions without any trouble.

11. Minute Maid Park

Address: 501 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: +1 713-259-8000

Minute Maid Park

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of Minute Maid Park, the dynamic home of the Houston Astros, where you can experience the thrilling crack of the bat and the thundering shout of the fans. 

Minute Maid Park has the distinction of being the home of the Houston Astros. Those interested in sports are encouraged to visit this illustrious baseball stadium to completely immerse themselves in the exhilarating sensation of performing the American national pastime. 

As soon as you step foot inside the stadium, you are instantly submerged in the lively atmosphere that is characteristic of a baseball game. The venue is unique and visually fascinating due to the architecture’s ability to effectively mix modern design with subtle allusions to the city’s industrial background. 

At Minute Maid Park, fans of all ages can have a memorable and immersive experience. Whether you are cheering for the local team, savoring typical ballpark cuisine, or taking in the panoramic views of the Houston cityscape, Minute Maid Park has something to offer everyone.

12. Galveston

Address: 1700 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: +1 713-659-5461


The enticing location of Galveston, which is situated only a short drive away from Houston, is a place that attracts travelers with its coastal allure and exciting history. 

This island refuge has many coastal attractions, including breathtaking historic buildings, lovely sandy beaches, and various tourist destinations. 

Whether you enjoy a stroll around the historic Strand District, admiring the magnificently preserved Victorian architecture, or bathing in the sun and waves on Galveston’s beaches, the island provides an excellent refuge from frantic city life. 

In addition, Galveston has a wide range of activities suitable for families, such as the well-known Moody Gardens and the historic pleasure pier. 

The city of Galveston provides tourists with various activities, ranging from marine museums to quaint shops, that encourage them to unwind and enjoy the city’s coastal atmosphere. 

It is the ideal spot for a lovely day trip or a weekend getaway, giving a refreshing escape from the bright energy of Houston.

13. Candlelight Concerts

Address: Multiple 

Phone: NA

Candlelight Concerts

By listening to the mesmerizing sounds of Candlelight Concerts, you will be transported to a higher musical experience. 

By incorporating classical music into the dynamic cultural fabric of Houston in a way that is both intimate and atmospheric, this series is a perfect example. 

These performances provide an immersive experience beyond the conventional concert setting, which is held in both unique and historic sites and located throughout the city. 

The gentle and warm glow of candlelight intensifies the intimate ambiance, resulting in an enchanting and memorable evening for those passionate about music. 

Candlelight Concerts provide an enthralling experience that highlights talented musicians’ abilities, whether they are playing individually, as a chamber group, or with a full orchestra. 

The performances at these concerts establish a profound connection between the artists and the audience, stimulating the senses and producing a long-lasting impression. 

The musical excursion adds a touch of refinement to Houston’s cultural environment, which is already very impressive.

14. Ride a Horse

Address: Multiple 

Phone: NA

Ride a Horse

By starting on an exciting horseback riding journey, you may immerse yourself in the spirit of the Wild West and enjoy the splendor of Houston’s magnificent surroundings. This is the fourteenth and last adventure. 

There is a unique and lasting chance to explore and enjoy nature that can be found on the trails that surround the city, regardless of whether you are an expert equestrian or a beginning rider. 

On the outskirts of Houston, there is a wide selection of ranches and routes suitable for riders of varying levels of expertise. Using these beautiful routes, you can enjoy open fields, woodland paths, and gorgeous scenery. 

You will be able to appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings entirely and genuinely embrace the peacefulness of horseback riding when you go on a guided horseback ride. 

Now is the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and completely immerse oneself in the natural world, all while paying tribute to the thriving equestrian history of the region.


Visitors are encouraged to go on a journey of discovery and pleasurable experiences in Houston, well-known for its extensive selection of activities. 

It is possible to have various experiences throughout the year in Houston, ranging from the awe-inspiring wonders of space at NASA’s Space Center to the tranquil serenity of Hermann Park. 

During the process of organizing your trip to Houston, make sure to take advantage of the city’s many cultural offers and exciting attractions. This will ensure that your trip is one that you will never forget.

As a result of the fact that Houston’s seasons are constantly shifting, the city is always ready to exhibit its most admirable traits. This ensures that your time spent in this dynamic metropolis will be nothing less than exceptional.