Amidst Pandemic Jordan Waltzes Into Our Homes with Netflix Series ‘The Last Dance’

There’s a mysterious virus and no more basketball games, sounds like the year 2020right? It’s also the premise of the hit 90s Michael Jordan movie Space Jam. Who would have thought that it would turn into reality?

Early March, Covid-19 was just a virus on the opposite end of the globe, it wasn’t until it took basketball away for America to realize— it just got real.

The NBA was one of the first to take action to protect their league against Covid-19 following the Utah Jazzs’ announcement that two of their players contracted coronavirus and would be suspending game play. Following the suspension of the NBA, state governments scrambled to close schools and limit travel. The cancellation of live sports became the catalyst for stockpiling toilet paper, frozen pizza and online classes.

Sports are a constant in our lives, they promote a sense of normalcy, without live sports we can’t help but feel a little lost. What were we going to do now, with no basketball to watch? In a time when people need inspiration again, just like the good ol’ 90s when Michael Jordan saved Toon Land and the league— Jordan comes flying to the rescue once again.

Fans everywhere needed something to fill that void, so ESPN moved up the release for the ‘Last Dance’ documentary about Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ dynasty. Since April 19, two new episodes have been released every Sunday. There’s no question as to why a 90s teams’ journey to a double three peat is still relevant nearly thirty years later. Michael Jordan’s reach is far beyond the court— not just as a beloved player but as an
inspiration across generations.

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You don’t need to know basketball t0 know Jordan, he inspired people on and off the court, he created a community for Chicago and then the rest of the world. What we see when we watch ‘The Last Dance, is a player with heart, grit and the #23 turning into one of the most admired athletes of all time.

Suddenly people of all ages are watching ‘The Last Dance’ and everything Jordan has touched on, has become part of the conversation. From how he turned sneakers into every day fashion to getting into a fistfight with the beloved coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr— Jordan is just as relevant as he was thirty years ago. Everything that Michael Jordan has stood for, is still relevant today. Despite what is going on around you, have a goal, do everything you have with heart and leave this quarantine more motivated and ready to win whatever life throws at you.

Watching ‘The Last Dance’ is replacing our need to be inspired by live sports, satiating the thrill of watching every three point shot, layup and alley-oop. We’re reliving the past to make our present a little bit more manageable. There’s no doubt that with or without this quarantine the documentary would still be a hit, but I think watching ‘The Last Dance’ during this monster of a pandemic makes us appreciate it all the more.

Sports foster the growth of communities— it brings people together. Now, ‘The Last Dance’ is bringing people together—just virtually! Families’ across the globe are watching Space Jam, dinner tables have become a hot spot for Jordan vs. Lebron debates, and everyone is able to reminisce in the joy that Jordan brought the world.

If you haven’t done so already, check out ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix, you won’t regret it!

Chris Kim

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