The Cardi B & Offset McDonald’s Meal Bundle

Walk it like you talk it with the Cardi B and Offset McDonald’s Meal at McDonald’s! On Valentine’s Day, this new meal landed in nationwide locations which surprised a lot of fans around the world. Both Cardi and Offset having over 30 million followers combined, it has since been trending on a lot of social media platforms like TikTok with its entertaining advertisement where the power couple can be seen leaving McDonald’s with a lot of bags of their meal and getting into their car.

This meal bundle includes a combination of both of the rappers’ favorite go-to orders when having date nights. Cardi’s favorites consist of a classic McDonald’s cheeseburger joined with the infamous tangy BBQ sauce along with a large soda of Coca-Cola. For the Migos rapper, Offset enjoys a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst soda with 1575 calories.

Along with its regular meals of burgers and sodas, the specialty behind the couples’ bundle is the addition of an order of large fries and a baked apple pie along with a creative bag that comes with their names in bold and hearts around it which is a perfect detail for when it came out. Date nights would not be complete without having a little bit of dessert which complements this meal for anyone that would love to give it a try!

As Cardi said, “you gotta bounce” and give this shared meal a try at your nearest McDonald’s today through the Mobile App or McDelivery to get a taste of what the famous rappers enjoy on their regular dates. It is limited time only until March 12th, so get it as soon as you can and enjoy it for $13.29. 

Eva Rogers

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