Ariana Grande – Positions – An Album Review

Ariana Grande Is In Her Feelings In Exploring A Newfound Confidence On “Positions”

Ariana Grande is moving onto the next chapter in her life in finding newfound confidence in making peace with her past relationships. She is picking up the pieces in reconnecting with love again with all the glory, intimacy, and fears within a new relationship. Grande released her sixth studio album, “Positions.” Throughout the 14 song tracklist, Grande’s impressive vocals are captivating while her sound is a good balance between R&B and 90’s rhythmic pop.

“Positions” is a carefree continuation of her previous albums, “Thank U, Next” and “Sweetener.” It’s carrying on the themes of heartaches, sex-positivity, and contentment but among all, it is her most explicit album to date. Grande takes the listeners on the journey of self-worth and honesty in finding meaningful answers in a relationship.

From the beginning with the intro of “Shut Up,” it is introducing the album to a classical orchestral pop melody, with heavy violins playing in the background. Grande is showing her newfound confidence in singing, “All them demons helped me see shit differently so don’t be sad for me,” sets up the tone for the whole album in reminding listeners that she is sure about herself despite what the media says about her. Towards the end of the song, it reaches a swirling, cinematic climax sound in adding uniqueness to the storyline that Grande is conveying.

Grande expresses her flirtatious and seductive side with songs like “34+35,” “six-thirty,” along with “nasty,” that mixed the album up with faster, playful sounds. In “34+35,” Grande is looking for a soulmate in seeking answers from her partner if he is committed to being a lifelong lover.

“Safety Net,” ft Ty Dolla $ign, unveils Grande’s hesitation of the possibilities of loving again in bringing down the tempo into a subtle beat. In the lyrics, Grande questions her partner’s intentions in the way he is making her fall completely in love with him, “I’ve never been this scared before feelings I just can’t ignore/ don’t know if I show fight or fly.”

“Just Like Magic” picks up the album with a self-empowerment anthem. Grande is focusing on peace of mind to help her to manifest her thoughts into reality. As she sings the feel-good upbeat rhythm song, “Good Karma, my aesthetic/ keep my conscience clear/ that’s why I’m so magnetic/ Manifest it, I finessed it.”

“POV” (Point of view) is a sweet tribute to her partner for loving her for the person she is and reflecting on her self-image to see herself through her partner’s eyes. The smooth slow pace tempo beat will get listeners into their feeling as she sings, “I’m getting used to receiving still getting good at not leaving/ I love you even though I’m scared/ learning to be grateful for myself.”

The album wraps up with catchy lyrical, dance-pop songs with, “motive,” and her self title track, “positions.” Grande’s album explores her confidence, even when she is singing about self-doubt or uncertainty. Her openness in singing into her feelings is admirable and worth listening to.

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