Bad Bunny- #1 Album in the World

“Hey Siri, play the number one album in the world”. “No problem, here’s El Último Tour Del Mundo by Bad Bunny”. You heard it here folks, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, made history recently by being the first All-Spanish No.1 Album to debut at No.1 on Billboard 200 Charts. This accomplishment has only occurred four other times, and even then, those albums have only reached top five never number one. This man has not only accomplished this great achievement in Latinx history, but since the beginning of 2020, has released two other albums. Not many artists can say that they have done what Ocasio has done recently. His two other albums also charting the Billboard 200 this year, at number 9 for “YHLQMDLG” and number 7 for “Las Que No Iban a Salir”. 

Singing isn’t the only skill that Bad Bunny has, recently he came out with two commercials one, including famous rapper Snoop Dogg in a Corona beer commercial, and the other in collaborations with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in creating a new campaign called “Deja Tu Huella” which translates to leave your flame. The campaign revolves around the next generation to leave their mark in their culture, something Bad Bunny knows a lot about. Back in September, Ocasio included fashion to his name, collabing with Crocs in creating glow in the dark crocs with charms that coordinate with his image. Although at this time the shoes are sold out, you can sign up for an email alert to let you know when the company will be restocking. Besides the usual advertisements most artists participate in, Benito is brushing up on his acting skills even more and adding to his resume. The reggaeton artist is to be playing the role “ Arturo (Kitty) Paez” in Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico which is predicted to release in May 2021, but nothing has been confirmed on this date yet. 

With so many new albums and songs to listen to while staying at home, there’s too many songs to pick which is one’s favorite. I took the liberty to rank my top 10 songs from all three albums. 

10. PA’ ROMPERLA- When old school reggaeton Don Omar features on any song, it’s a must listen, I mean have you listened to ‘Bandoleros’? ‘Dile’? 

9. BYE ME FUI -A great song for that ex that keeps trying to come back into your life, but you’re over that. Don’t worry Benito is always there to reassure you that you are way better without them, you do you and keep on doing so you’re never a second choice. 

8.RONCA FREESTYLE-Within the lyrics you hear how far Bad Bunny has come along to become farther than reach for his competitors, where at the same time gloating in some way all that he’s accomplished by also referencing other non-music artists of their historic careers. 

7. La Santa -To be able to listen the combination of old reggaeton vs new in one upbeat song is crazy to experience, especially when Bad Bunny has mentioned in ‘Desde el Corazon’ how grateful he is to have idols like Daddy Yankee himself to look up to when he first started out and now sing alongside him is almost like a dream come true

6.Yo Perreo Sola – there isn’t a specific word to sum up this song except you won’t see me sitting down when this song is playing

5. P FKN R- Much like his other songs, I enjoy how Ocasio always pays tribute to his roots each time in a different way, where here, he’s literally shouting out his home. 

4. MALDITA POBREZA- This song screams MOOD!!! As a broke college student who just wants to give the world to all her loved ones and close friends, this screams me. 

3. Bichiyal- From the get-go, this song gives you Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift vibes. It makes even more sense if you’ve seen the music video for the song, where the first scene is literally a souped-up red Toyota Mark II drifting and racing in the streets of Japan. You again dive into the world of drag racing and JDM culture and Benito, like always adds a twist and includes the sexism within the racing culture, to add on, the title also plays a huge role behind the lyrics.

2. Safaera – with the similar energy as Yo Perreo Sola, Safaera is a bit cleaner in the lyrical sense, but continues to scream Yo hago lo que me da la gana!

1. BOOKER T- from the beginning starting off with a head banging vibe, he never fails to mention something outside the music world in any song within his album (‘Yo Perreo Sola’ where he mentions Netflix character Nairobi from Casa de Papel) now it’s the WWE wrestler Booker T, but we can’t forget the bit of narcissism that he leaves towards the end of the short two-minute song (Hint: check out minute 1:40 and you’ll understand). 

*Bonus not in any of the albums 

Desde el Corazon- although a short two-minute song, it shows such appreciation Benito has for his roots and what he has grown into now which is what fans, including myself, enjoy about his music so much, he cares about his roots and at the same time continues to change the norms for the latinx culture while continuing to stay humble.

To listen to any discography of Bad Bunny, check out your local music service, and/ or go watch his latest music video, Hoy Cobré which also features Snoop Dogg.

Eva Rogers

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