Orange and White Game Preview 2024

As the football season looms on the horizon, excitement mounts for the approaching Orange and White game, slated for next weekend. This event serves as our opportunity to scout emerging talent and witness the results of players’ hard work. Get prepared to gather around for a thrilling experience! 

Building on the success of last year’s performance, Coach Sarkisian and the crew aim to extend their reach even further this season by acquiring and retaining top-tier talent.

Basic Info

Before delving into player discussions and other details, let’s start with some basic information about the event. Firstly, it’s important to note that this is a free event open to all. The Orange and White game is scheduled for April 20th, commencing at 1pm. Additionally, attendees can look forward to a variety of activities both before and after the game.


Texas’s move to the SEC this summer ignited a whirlwind of interest, propelling their recruiting endeavors to new heights. Presently positioned 5th nationally in recruiting, they’ve secured a plethora of top-tier talents, notably landing star wide receiver Ryan Wingo and standout linebacker Colin Simmons. It appears the Longhorns are poised to make a significant impact in their fresh conference. Yet, their recruiting momentum doesn’t halt there; they also hold the 7th spot in the nation for acquiring transfers.

Players to watch 

Colin Simmons

He hails from Texas, a dynamic force currently ranked ninth nationally and proudly holding the esteemed title of second place within the Lone Star State, all while excelling as an edge rusher. Additionally, he stands out as a top recruit in Texas, exemplifying his allegiance to his home state. With the upcoming Orange and White game on the horizon, anticipation mounts as observers eagerly await his performance within the Longhorn lineup, where all eyes are fixed on his potential brilliance.

Photo from 247 sports

Ryan Wingo

He stands as one of the premier wide receivers and is regarded as a top prospect across all positions, holding the fifth spot overall. His adeptness at catching, coupled with his impressive speed, renders him a coveted asset for Texas, particularly following the departure of Xavier Worthy, a key receiver bound for the draft. As spring unfolds, we anticipate witnessing his swift agility and exceptional ball-catching skills on display.

While there is obvious talent coming right out of highschool. Texas looked to the portal to get more talent to make sure they are covered on all cylinders. 

Andrew Mukuba 

He made the transition from Clemson to his hometown team at LBJ, and now he’s recognized as one of the top five safeties in the nation. Securing him was a significant gain for the Longhorns, given his status as the top safety in the transfer portal. It remains to be seen how much he’ll contribute to the Longhorns this season. 

Photo from The Clemson Insider

Returning players 

We haven’t even touched on the returning talent they possess, poised to go head-to-head with some of college football’s heavyweights. Among the returning players are QB1 Quinn Ewers, alongside key defensive stalwarts and offensive linemen.

The Longhorns appear to be strong contenders for a playoff spot this season, particularly with their move to a new conference and the abundance of talent on their roster. This upcoming game promises to ignite anticipation among both fans and players alike, setting the stage for an exhilarating season ahead.