PREP ATX— Texas’ Largest Commercial Kitchen

Equipped with high quality cooking spaces and tools for food professionals, PREP ATX is the perfect place for both passionate cooks, and passionate food lovers. This commercial kitchen in Austin has a place for every kind of food and business, homing everything from bakers to sushi chefs.

Let us give you a run down of our experience visiting the massive commercial kitchen, including images of some of our favorites from the many foods we tried.

Arrival and Atmosphere

Once we were invited in and handed a map of all the different restaurants serving that evening, it was off to the races! We began at the front, where Cantaloupe Island was serving their craft cocktails. Their menu included Teahouse Punch, Whiskey Sour, Watermelon Man, and Paloma—an amazing way to kick off the experience. Then, we headed to the front tables, which included Lulu’s Pie Shoppe, The Bearded Baking Company, Potadough’s Donuts, Ato Chef’s Table, which were all phenomenal! 

Lulu’s Pie Shoppe’s display contained a myriad of flavors of miniature pies, and their Cherry Crumble and Bourbon Pecan were to die for. The Bearded Baking Company served their biscuits and gravy, with the gravy being bacon infused. They also served fried bacon with bourbon ketchup, as well as bite size treats like miniature turkey pot pie and pumpkin pie! Potadough’s Donuts served many flavors of their light and airy donuts, and they did not disappoint. Finally, Ato Chef’s Table had a gorgeous sushi display, with each piece being impossibly better than the last. 

Never Ending Flavors

But this was just the beginning. As we rounded each corner of the facility, we got to try new flavors and dishes at every turn. We hopped from curry from Simpli Thai, to tacos from Comal Fajita House, to dumplings from Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings—we even got to test some incredible hot sauces from ATX Hot Sauce! Oh, and we can’t forget the gorgeous spreads of sourdough bread, vegetables, and dips from It’s All Good, which provided delightful breaks between spicy and sweet dishes.

As we made our way through the building, we continued with more dumplings and spring rolls from Kin Zen, ramen from Chop Chop, and finally, baked goods from Flavor Co. Dream Bakery, and Easy Tiger! Once we reached this point, all we could talk about was how delicious all of the dishes were, how full we were, and how they had options for almost anyone!

Among all of the chefs and bakers, there were plenty of tasty options that were gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and other dietary options, ensuring anyone who attended had a chance to try some astounding treats. This was especially impressive to my guest, as she got to try many things that suited her gluten-free diet! And, of course, the dishes were extremely good. 

Overall Experience

In conclusion, this event was packed full of amazing chefs, bakers, and businesses who were not only great at bringing all of us together with their food, but also with their kind and welcoming attitudes! Everyone serving was engaging, excited, and incredibly passionate about their dishes and guests. We highly recommend learning more about PREP, as well as any of the businesses we have mentioned here. 

Here is where you can find more information about PREP. If you would like to see more of our reviews of local restaurants and other places, you can go to our Around Town column for more!

Eva Rogers

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