Austin breakfast spots to add to your list

Breakfast is, without contest, my favorite meal of the day. Essentially, it’s an excuse to have coffee and dessert (chocolate chip pancakes, anyone?) and call it the most important meal of the day. So coming to Austin, I had little hearts in my eyes at all the breakfast options the city offers. The only trouble was, there were almost too many options. As a college student, I’ve only got the funds for one non-homemade breakfast a week. In case you’re ever in a similar pickle, here’s our compilation of Austin’s best breakfast spots.

Kerbey Lane

Kerbey Lane Cafe is a favorite of many locals, and a late-night necessity for almost everyone I know. Their menu is so massive it’s a serious struggle to pick what I’m going to eat every time I go. You can really satiate any craving here, but I personally think their unique flavors set them over the top. When you think of breakfast, you generally don’t expect much innovation. What I love about Kerbey is that they have things you can’t get anywhere else, like lemon poppy seed, pumpkin, blueberry cornbread pancakes.

Café No Sé

I’ll admit, the thing that first drew me to Café No Sé was just the presentation. Everything looked so pretty! But at least I can say that while I came for the aesthetics, I definitely stayed for the flavor. I tried both the granola and yogurt bowl and the quinoa bowl, and they were both incredible. You’ll usually encounter a bit of a wait, and while they only take reservations for dinner, I haven’t usually found the extra time to be too much of a hindrance. Unless you’re really starving, the food will be well worth the wait. Anyway, who’d pass up an opportunity to wander SoCo for a while?

Magnolia Cafe

Hopefully, you’ll have already gotten the scoop on this one from our list of Austin’s secret patios. Regardless, here’s what you need to know: Magnolia Cafe has a cool, eclectic space, all-day breakfast, and some fantastic Tex-Mex. I usually end up here after a hot day exploring to relax with some amazing lemonade and my favorite Flamingo Sandwich.

The Salty Donut

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about The Salty Donut recently after their debut on South Congress. While I haven’t been to their location yet, my roommate brought some home and it may have changed my outlook on donuts forever. I got to try their Prickly Pear Margarita, Horchata, Tiramisu, and Brown Butter+Salt donuts, and they were AMAZING. I was skeptical of the salty donut concept, okay? I didn’t know quite how to feel about that particular combination. But you HAVE to try this, and we’ll just see if you aren’t a convert afterwards too.

Lucky Lab Coffee Company

I heard about Lucky Lab Coffee Co. before I even got to Austin. You can get all your basics here. They also have an impressive array of house syrups to add a bit of variety to your coffee break. I’m obsessed with the variety in their seasonal menu. For Fall, this includes my favorite Thai tea and a Pear Vanilla Sage Sweet Cream Latte, which I haven’t tried yet but sounds so fantastic I’m adding it to my list immediately.

Eva Rogers

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